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7/18/13 10:59 A

Thanks for all the suggestions! I iced it even though it hasnt been swollen and it seemed to help. It doesnt hurt unless i strain it alot. Taking lots of ibuprofen and knee brace along to help. Just need to get through Saturday and then i can take things easy until fully healed...providing Saturday doesnt mess it up more :( Thanks again everyone! I will def let the instructor know about my knee ahead of time so it doesnt look like im not trying to do the moves only really hurts when i do squats or twist so we shall see :)

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
7/17/13 3:35 P

I agree, get in to see your doctor. And let the ZES know. We've all had injuries and been there. It happens.

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7/17/13 12:59 P

Pickles have you put any ice on that knee ??? If not, ice can help reduce any swelling. Also, if you're still feeling pain after two weeks of rest, it's time to call your doctor. I've had my share of knee injuries over the years. they're no fun. you don't want this injury to become chronic.

I'm not a zumba instructor, but I have been through other similar fitness types of training. If your knee is still bothering you on Saturday, let the master trainers know. They'll probably let you skip the master class. However, they will still want to see you work in front of a class. That's usually a 5-7 minute demo. If you can make it through you're DEMO, you'll be okay.

Don't be afraid to tell these people your new hurts. They will understand. Injuries happen to us all.

So, do make sure you talk to your doctor. don't let this injury get worse. Put some ice on the knee. keep resting until Saturday.

good luck with your training, you'll do great !!

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
7/17/13 12:11 P

I'm a Zumba Instructor! I will tell you that the training is tough. It's 8-10 hours. BUT, you are not zumbaing the whole time. The first hour is a master class, then you sit for a while and go over stuff in the book and have a lecture time. Before lunch you will start with the Zumba part with the basic steps, etc and that continues off and on until you are done. There are periods of rest where you are sitting down going over things.

My advice, take your elastic knee thingy, and you might get an ACE brace for it. One that stretches over the top and bottom of the knee. If it starts huring, slow down and don't push it. Take some ibuprofen with you. YOU WILL NEED IT, and not just for the knee. Take tons and I mean tons of water, and good snacks. Nuts, bananas, string cheese.

Congrats on becoming a new instructor!!

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PICKLES7904 Posts: 12
7/17/13 12:00 P

I ASSUME I have runners knee. All my symptoms point to it. I have got like this periodically since i was 16...played hardcore sports my whole life... It seems for years if I walk long distances my knee hurts in the knee cap area but ONLY when I walk a long time. I cycle, zumba, bodypump all the time and it never hurts ONLY when i walk a long time or distance. I took my son to the zoo 2 weeks ago and we were there over 5 hours walking. My knee started to hurt the next day around the knee cap when i went up and down stairs or did squats. Normal walking it is okay. So i figured it was from all that walking. I have stopped working out except walking for the past two weeks to take it easy because on Saturday I am getting my lisence to teach Zumba and want to be in good health. Problem is it STILL hurts...not AS bad but still...I got a regular elastic stretch knee band to wear but it doesnt seem to help that much. I can't reschedule this class without losing my $225.00 so what do i do? I have to go and I'm SO excited but any tips to help me through the day without causing more damage would be GREATLY appreciated! THANKS!!

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