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GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,802
12/11/12 6:04 P

It was the sodium for me also. Wow, what an eye opener. Also, I like to add/remove different nutrients from time to time. It helps me realize which foods are high/low in what nutrient. Very educational and I love knowing the nutrition of what I'm eating.

I too love the Favorites and Groupings. I use the Recipe Calculator for my often used recipes and save them to favorites. I rarely check the "share" recipe box as many of my recipes are from other cookbooks or web sites.

The biggest help was getting enough fiber/ per my doctor's recommendations.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (278,023)
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12/11/12 3:15 P

My "eureka" was the "Favorites" and "Groupings." Saves me HUGE amounts of time for things that I eat often.

Protein issues - I have Greek yogurt almost every day for breakfast, which helps. If I can get beans in daily, I'm golden. Fruits and veggies alone - even eatings lots of them - will often not do it.

I can eat whole wheat and other grains with fiber (quinoa) with no problem, so that helps me also.

EMMACORY Posts: 22,826
12/11/12 3:03 P

Protein is my biggest challenge. I try to get in range with Greek yogurt and skim milk. I usually start out my day with a high fiber cereal (13 grams) which puts me half way there. I even pack it when I travel.

SNOWJESTER SparkPoints: (29,896)
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12/11/12 2:49 P

Protein. Jeez. I'm consistently under. I'm a vegan and thought I did pretty well with eating my beans and green leafy veggies, but it was nowhere near enough.I still struggle to hit the 60 minimum. I had to add soy milk and some gardein fake chicken. I feel a lot better and less hungry on my "good" protein days.

3RD_LAW Posts: 20
12/11/12 2:25 P

I found out that it wasn't as hard as I expected to eat right even on a low budget. It's an amazing tool!

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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12/11/12 1:59 P

I do not get enough protein or fiber! I had an idea that was true, but I had no idea that I was so consistently not getting enough! The meat at my school isn't very good, so I have to just add a piece of chicken to one of my meals every day. Still haven't figured out how to solve the fiber thing. All my fruits and veggies are whole, but very few of the grains they serve are whole wheat.

NJAQUAHOLIC SparkPoints: (675)
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12/11/12 1:03 P

Mine for sure was sodium. Holy guacamole! I'm usually 1000 - 1500 over the highest recommended limit!

What is everyone else' eureeka?

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