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6/9/13 11:28 A

Lately, I have been exploring some of the DVD's based on Pilates, Ballet, and Yogo. They have a cardio element to them, but emphasize strength, flexibility, and balance. It's been an enjoyble change of pace for me. The 3 that I have tried so far (and like) are:

Ellen Barrett's - "Sleek Scultp"
Jessica Smith's - "Total Body Balance"
Tracy Malalett's - "The Booty Barre: Beginners and Beyond"

I think all three of these women have pleasant personalities and believe in 'feel good" workouts -- gentle movements, but the body still gets a good workout.

You can preview them all at "" ... and all 3 can be purchased there or on for reasonable prices. (I am not affiliated with any of these companies -- I am just a satisfied customer.)

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6/9/13 10:45 A

Slim and Limber from That is a full body work out, and pretty intense depending on what level you choose to do. I still do it occasionally, but have been doing the 10 min ones here on Sparks lately. Only because it puts in you calories for you. Check out the web site tho there are a lot of different DVD's on there.
Good luck!

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6/9/13 9:02 A

I need some suggestions for good workout DVD's.
I really love Minna Lessig's "Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom" but I'm looking for something in the 30-45 minute range that doesn't have complicated moves as I am hopelessly uncoordinated (even my best friend couldn't help laughing at how incapable I am of following some of the simpler moves).
Walking videos are unecessary for me because I live in a city where I walk everywhere.
Sooo....What are your favorites, whether they are older or newer?
Thank you everyone!

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