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7/12/11 3:55 P

Nothing wrong with Yoplait in general (it is a personal preference). I eat at least one every day as a snack (with almonds mixed in) as part of a normal balanced food plan (and have lost almost 79lbs in 2 1/2 years). But basing a whole diet around any yogurt does sound like a fad to me. Along with any diet that does that type of thing.

DVALENZ1 Posts: 4
7/11/11 1:40 P

All I can tell you is that I tried it and it worked. I haven't been able to break my 150 lbs plateau in 3 months and this did it (it gets discouraging when you get stuck and you end up gaining). Yes, its true that is a fad diet, but some times we need something that kickstart us. I plan to keep eating healthy and excercising and in the end I know that that's what works in the long term (which I had been doing for 2 months and still wasn't loosing). Yes, they're promoting their products, but you have to admit that they're not starving you and that their recommendations are healthy foods. What I liked is that they tell you exactly what to eat and how much of it. Therefore, its easy to follow and stick to. I think its a good idea if you want something to help you get started that gives you results right away.

SAVGAL1733 Posts: 131
7/8/11 3:35 P

Thanks for the replies! Glad I chose to not bother with it :)

5/16/11 7:40 P

CEDARBARK1, you're right! I wouldn't eat Yoplait if they sent me a year's supply for free. YUCK! When I choose yogurt, it's always Fage plain and it's delicious. I feel good knowing that I'm eating something natural and that it's part of a balanced nutritional program.

VKLINE326 Posts: 961
5/16/11 11:06 A

I agree with the others in that it's just a way to make you buy the product. Stick with spark and eat yogurt as you would like. I would never base an eating plan around it.

SNAZZYMC Posts: 268
5/16/11 10:19 A

I would group this in with the likes of the "Special K Diet" --- any food company that creates and promotes a 'diet plan' is really only interested in one thing: getting people to buy more of their products! It's not necessary to tie yourself to one brand name or product; like others have said, if you are eating well-balanced meals and snacks then you can have great success.

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5/16/11 6:45 A

Yes, and Yoplait isn't even true yogurt. Read the additives on the label. You can do better for yourself.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
5/16/11 5:12 A

forget these special diets-just eat healthy

5/15/11 11:07 P

Their FAQ says this diet is, "A reduced-calorie dietary pattern that is rich in lean protein with 30-40 minutes of daily walking." The reduced calorie total is 1200, which is the minimum amount recommended in any weight loss program. Well, eating 1200 calories per day of a healthy, balanced nutritional program which includes all of the food groups and adding exercise (which should also include weight lifting), will achieve the same results and be far more maintainable than a "fad diet."

5/15/11 10:22 P

get on the diet band wagon so activia won't outsell yoplait.

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5/15/11 10:09 P

The website gave me a meal plan without asking me my height or weight!

They have some info about the research:

"Healthy, overweight women between the ages of 20-45 years of age with a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 and 35 kg/m2 were recruited for the study.."

"Women who followed the Two Week Tune Up plan lost an average of 5.3 pounds in two weeks. "

It's interesting that they say how many pounds the women gained backed after they stopped the diet?

But at least they are not kidding themselves look at the way they answered this question:

"Isn’t this just a crash diet?"
"If you are looking to lose a few pounds, the Two Week Tune Up is a reduced-calorie dietary pattern that is rich in lean protein with 30-40 minutes of daily walking."

SAVGAL1733 Posts: 131
5/15/11 9:33 P

Has anyone tried this? Heard about it from a family member and got the info from the website. Just wondering if anyone has tried it along with spark?

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