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11/2/11 3:12 P

Flexibility will be important to you when you are 42, and 52, and 62, etc.

You take it for granted now.

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11/2/11 10:45 A

I did yoga for two years and whereas I did work up a bit of a sweat or whatever when I did it, there was no lasting weight loss from it for me. I did get more flexible though, but that was about as beneficial as a talking third nipple.

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10/27/11 9:36 A

I do yoga sometimes. I try to make it a habit and do it more often. It really helps with flexibility issues and has a calming effect. Now, when I say I do it, I don't look like people you see on TV, it is my own interpretation! My wife wants me to go to yoga school with her, ya, like I want to be in the back of a room with a bunch of women contorting themselves...wait...what?

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10/27/11 8:30 A

Being of the stereotypical male race...I made fun it of it and decided it was easy and saw no value in it.

After trying a little of it at the encouragement of others....It really showed me how wrong I was. I was real surprised that I worked up a sweat just doing some simple poses. It also authenticated how uncoordinated I am.

Look at some of beginner videos and attempt some of the standing ones....I've looked at a couple of the advanced ones....all I can say is "ouch, my body will never do that"

Oh, to answer your other part, the benefit is that ANY exercise is better than nothing. If you try it and you enjoy it, that's an added bonus.


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10/26/11 11:51 A

So do any of you fella's do yoga, what are the benefits, is it easy for someone overweight? Let me know please. emoticon

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