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4/29/13 12:05 P

No, you aren't stuck with weights. Bodyweight exercises can be just as effective for strength training as weights, as long as you're consistent and continue challenging yourself. Pushups, for example, are one of the best strength training exercises there are, and there's no weights involved. :)

You can also use resistance bands for a huge variety of exercises (pretty much anything you can do with weights) and they're light, portable, and cheap.

The real trick to proper strength training is efficiency. Rather than working a bunch of small muscles, a good strength program using combo exercises can be knocked out in 15-30 minutes. My full routine takes about 20 minutes, and I'm shaking with sweat by the end of it. :)

HUNNA13 Posts: 180
4/28/13 9:50 P

Yoga is great for flexibility and building muscle in some aspects. Plus it can help strengthen your core hardcore which in turn will give you better posture!

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4/28/13 8:36 P

I love yoga, I try to do it twice a week at my gym. I feel so much better after I practice. I like it because it stretches me out after my cardio and it's also so GREAT for my mind too.

SIMARIA1 Posts: 383
4/28/13 8:25 P

I use Yoga as a way to stay limber. It helps out with all my other exercises. I still do strength training and cardio but Yoga has helped with balance and flexibility. I will do all my regular fitness routines but I think everyone should incorporate some Yoga into their routines. Go for it, you will see improvement in your mobility.

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4/28/13 8:15 P

I think yoga is great body resistance training. While it wouldn't be considered true "strength training", I know whenever I do yoga my arms are burning just as much as when I do weights.

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4/28/13 8:09 P

so im stuck with weights? there has got to something else

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4/28/13 7:57 P

Yoga will help build balance, but it's unfortunately not an adequate replacement for true strength training. It's a great compliment to strength training, but i you want to boost metabolism, (resting calorie burn), and preserve lean muscle while losing weight, you still need to be strength training. It's also not a big calorie burner; its benefits are more with regards to mental health, general wellbeing, flexibility, and balance.

BAILEYHOUSE2007 SparkPoints: (2,459)
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4/28/13 6:56 P

That was awesome, thank you. I am adding yoga to my cardio, I really don't like lifting weights, so I was hoping that yoga would help build strength, help with my balance, and help with the weight. I am watching what I eat as well.

4/28/13 11:36 A

hi! i do yoga as my primary form of exercise -- i do about four hours a week. i go to a studio with a few different types of classes -- slow classes, fast-flowing classes, and classes that are somewhere in between -- and i try to mix up the kinds i do. my flexibility has improved amazingly from doing yoga. i have zero problems touching my toes (i can actually get my whole hand under my feet), i can get my knees up by my ears, etc. i have also improved my strength and tone in my arms and legs. i have muscles in places i didn't know you could have muscles. my balance is still pretty bad, but it's also better than when i started.

now, i think if you want to do yoga as your main form of exercise, like i do, you need to be careful of a couple of things. first, yoga does not always provide the cardio you need. i make sure to go to two cardio-intense classes a week, but i had to shop around to several studios to find one that offered classes that actually got my heart rate up. and even then, i supplement my yoga practice with 40 minutes of pure cardio (elliptical, biking, or running) two days a week. if you want a more intense practice, look for vinyasa or ashtanga in the class description.

second, just like with any exercise, it's basically impossible to lose weight just by doing yoga. you really need also to be watching your diet, because even in an intense class you're not going to burn much more than 300 calories/hour, and you'll burn a lot less in a slower, hatha-style class. that said, once you do start keeping track of your calories, yoga is a great way, in my opinion, to make sure you're retaining muscle and to see great tone once you start losing fat.

hope that's helpful! i'm happy to answer any more questions you have!

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4/28/13 7:45 A

I would love to find out if anyone has done yoga and received benefits, either weight loss, or balance, or calorie burning, anything really.

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