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1/3/12 2:14 P

I wouldn't worry about him being cold. Once you get going your body will warm up. I am always cold when we start but don't notice about 5 minutes in! I am sure sweatpants will be fine at least for your first go-round.

For you I would wear something tighter fitting as someone suggested because you don't want your shirt riding up each time you bend over. I love yoga pants so they don't get in my way. I avoid shorts during Yoga, but that is a modesty thing for me. I also don't do Hot Yoga, so that is not as much of an issue for me! If you are worried about being cold I would as someone else suggested, try layers. A tighter fitting shirt under a somewhat form fitting long sleeve tee!

Hope you love it!!



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1/3/12 11:53 A

I'd suggest dressing in layers for your first go (he could wear tighter shorts under his looser long pants). Or wear longer pants that are loose enough at the cuff that he could pull/roll the legs up.

The guys I see in my yoga studio tend to wear normal exercise shorts and if they are particularly baggy in the leg they sometimes have tight spandex bike type shorts underneath (for modesty).

Women tend to wear more form fitting things (be they "yoga" pants/shorts/capris or just form fitting running/biking items). Personally I perfer to wear shorter running shorts because it's easier to do some poses if the fabric isn't in the way (tree pose, for example: my foot slides if I have a layer of fabric between my foot and leg). I also do "hot" yoga and capri or loner pants are too hot (and when you get them soaked with sweat they're really cumbersome!).

Once you've gone to class once or twice you'll figure out what works best for you. And you may discover you do want some yoga props (block, strap, bolster, etc) if they aren't already provided for you. I find both blocks and a strap to be helpful for poses where I need to make more room for myself (blocks bring the floor closer to you if you can't touch the floor, for example). But you won't know until you've taken the class and determined what props would be helpful for the poses you'll be doing.

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1/3/12 10:45 A

If you are concerned about the temps in the class, how about calling the location? They will probably be able to give a good idea of what you need to have with you for the class and what is most appropriate dress.

1/2/12 7:47 P

Sweatpants are fine. Just make sure they fit properly at the waist and aren't overly baggy it should be no problem. If he's got the kind with the elastic at the ankle, that might help keep them from flopping around on his legs, but if he doesn't then don't worry too much about it. I've done yoga in a whole range of pants, and while I prefer leggings or yoga pants, regular sweatpants work fine too. Yoga is pretty low maintenance, really.

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1/2/12 5:15 P

Well, no...I'm serious about it being a small small art space with a giant front window. I think the bathroom that one uses is at the pub next door :) I think changing is done behind a screen, but, really, it is the huge giant front window of extreme coldness I am worried about, not our two second walk over there. I'm sure we will work up a sweat but the big gaping maw of the below freezing outdoors will be there on our bums. I'm going to wear long yoga pants...he shouldn't have to freeze!

Also, when I google "men's yoga pants" I see what I call sweatpants so maybe we are thinking of different things. He doesn't wear anything that is "baggy" :)

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1/2/12 4:57 P

I've never seen a guy wear sweatpants at yoga. Really baggy sweatpants are a definite no no. They're bound to have a washroom/changeroom, bring shorts to change into.

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1/2/12 1:50 P

So are sweat pants okay for the fella?

I should say this isn't in a gym, its in a small art space in my part of the city so I'm not sure how warm it will be (highs in the 20s for the rest of the week!). I don't think shorts will cut it. We will forgo the towels and borrow yoga mats from friends just in case! Thanks everyone.

1/2/12 9:00 A

Just wear whatever you'd wear for any other workout. Gym shorts or pants and a tshirt should be fine. Personally, I like to wear something more fitted for yoga because you spend a certain amount of time kind of upside-down, so you want something that won't slide around and ride up on you.

I bring a yoga mat because I don't really like using the shared ones at the gym, but most gyms I've been to have mats available - some for rent and some just for free, depending on your yoga studio. Water is a good idea. Wear shoes that you can slip on and off easily - you'll be barefoot, so something with no laces that you can throw on and off is great. In the warm weather I wear flip flops to and from the gym, in the winter I'll wear ugg-style boots or something that I can throw on and off without needing socks.

That's it. It's a pretty equipment-light activity. Dress so that you can stretch and move without your clothing moving around on you, be ready to be barefoot, and have a great time!

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1/2/12 8:49 A

the guys at hot yoga wear shorts or speedos, no shirt.

most guys in the regular yoga classes wear shorts and a tshirt.

You likely won't need a towel unless it's hot yoga, in which case you probably need 2. Water is nice but not necessary, and if you don't own a yoga mat, most studios have them available to rent for a small extra fee.

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1/2/12 8:37 A

The fella and I are going to attend a yoga class next sunday...hopefully the first of many. Can any experienced yoga sorts let us know what we would need to bring? Mats? Towels? Also, what should we wear...particularly what does a male wear?

Thanks in advance!

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