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ERIN138439 Posts: 24
7/14/09 11:01 P

I'm right there with ya! I just moved to a state 18 hours away, and the wedding will be held in my home state. Hopefully you have some nice siblings or parents that can check out halls and caterers and things for you!

ELFITZPA Posts: 1,455
7/14/09 1:47 P

Congratulations!! I'm sure the planning - while stressful - will be a lot of fun, too! It's your opportunity to truly celebrate your relationship with your family and friends.

SEREN_SIGHS Posts: 687
7/14/09 1:04 P

I think the date will be May 28th 2010. It's just hard though because it's in my home state and I live in a different one now. But I'm so excited, lol.

The wedding should be great motivation to look great though!

ERIN138439 Posts: 24
7/14/09 10:32 A


It's such an exciting time, isn't? I got engaged last November, and sometimes my ring will still catch the light in a certain way and I can't help but smile and feel giddy.

Planning is SO much fun! Do you have a date set yet?

Congratulations again!!!

SEREN_SIGHS Posts: 687
7/14/09 1:58 A

Sorry, I'm just excited because I got engaged today! I knew it was coming and I'm so excited that I can officially be part of the "bride and grooms to be" group.

Now the stress of wedding planning.

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