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SOunds like you're really excited about this, but be careful. It seem slike you're taking on a lot, going from almost 0 to nothing in a short period of time. This can lead to a quick burnout. There's no shame in starting slow. Just listen to your body and find a workout program you can sustain for life. Also, don't get too tied to the scale. It's not unusual to see no loss in the first week, especially if you're adding exercise after a period of not really doing any. The muscles sometimes hold on to water, and this will show as no loss or a slight gain on the scale. Remember, be patient, give it time and form lifelong habits. Good luck!

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Hey everyone! I've done sparkspeople before and in the first week I lost 7lbs and than things happened in my life to where I stopped working on here. However, now I'm starting on here again and really hoping my Tuesday weight in makes me happy!!!! In this first week I've already walked over 1000 minutes and have done over my week goal on gardio work. This week that's starting tomorrow I'm starting the 5K training plan walk/running and than after 5weeks doing the 5k training RUNNING the whole time pretty much!!!! :) ALSO I started the bootcamp training today that goes for a week and I'm doing it for 4 weeks like it told me to do. I'm very proud of myself for going to the fair TWICE and every day this first week I've managed to stay under my calories average and fat average!!!! I can do this! I even have motivation picture on my computer screen saver to keep me motivated and remind me that I need to go out for my 30 minute job/run every day if I want that body that's on there!!!! :) I'm doing this to make my dreams come true, see my daughter (1yr old and im 19) and my grandchildren someday ALL graduate...maybe even all get married and graduate COLLEGE!!!! Another reason why I'm doing these workouts is to help with my anger probelms, because they don't have any group anger management classes like I want so this is how I'm trying to channel it all out!

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