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3/6/13 5:33 P

I have the Wii and would much rather get a Kinect. However, it works for fine, it just isn't very accurate. I still sweat my butt off and get results, though.

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3/6/13 5:22 P


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2/11/13 11:21 A

I'm having my kinect ever since they put it on the market and I've not regretted it one single day. It's getting better and better.
I've used my Dance Central a lot, nice way to burn calories while being taught how to dance.
I'm a total fan of Yourshape: Fitness evolved.
Nothing can beat Zumba Rush and Zumba Core for when it comes to fun ánd work-out.

I really cannot contemplate what it would be like to do all this with something in my hand, like a Wii does, for in my humble opinion it would take away the freedom of movement ánd makes it easier to cheat...

12/30/12 2:06 P

I've got a Wii and my brother has a Kinect at his house.

The Wii is good if you're on a tight budget like I am. I'm a Nintendo fan, I really like Nintendo games such as Mario and Zelda. You have the balance board thing and the nanchuk, the games are fun. I tend to get arm ache after playing Just Dance because I have to hold the controller in my hand all the time. Batteries on the controller go flat too which is just darned annoying.

However the Kinect is amazing. It registers your whole body where as the Wii can only register where the controller is. The Kinect on some of the games (I played Kinect Sports) lets you see a replay which is hilarious to watch. Downside is of course the cost.

I am considering buying a Kinect and Xbox360 but will look around for a second hand one. A new one is too expensive for me.

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12/29/12 5:19 P

$350,,, Might be better spent on a set of free weighs, an bench and a good pair of running shoes..

12/29/12 4:20 P

I'm another late poster on this, but since we just got the Kinect a few days ago, I really had no opinion until now.

I notice a lot of talk about the cost of the Xbox. Well, I got mine on Black Friday and I got a DEAL straight from Microsoft online. I have tried the demo's of two of their workout programs..
Your Shape: Fitness evolved and Nike+ Kinect Training. I also have a Wii with EA Sports and Wii Plus.

The Kinect doesn't weigh you... which I do miss because I think my Wii scales are more accurate than my bathroom scale. I like have the weight tracker that wii has.
There is no where to take and store measurements on the Kinect.

As for the workouts. WAY WAY WAY WAY!!! Better than the Wii. You can fake out the Wii quite easily, not so much with the Kinect. I was out of breath quickly on the Kinect... and today... my hiney hurts! Oh... yeah... and my abs... forgot about them until I just reached over for a glass of water.

One thing I haven't found is a way to customize my workouts in the Kinect. For instance, I don't do pushups. I just DON'T DO THEM! I wish it would give me an option to remove those from my workout and give me something else to do instead.

I think I would love to buy the Nike game for the Kinect, but it's $50. I'll wait until I can buy it used at Gamestop. So, I'll get the 19.99 Your Shape: Fitness evolved or the Biggest Loser until then.

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9/13/12 3:17 P

I know I am late to the party but I have to vote Kinect and I have both.

I love my Wii for the balance board and tracking program, but it feels so slow to me and I HATE holding the controller

The kinect has amazing dance games and you HAVE to move the bottom half of your body or else you are not scoring on the games (Unlike Just Dance versions on Wii)

Both are a great addition to a work out program though and family fun can be done with both!

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9/13/12 2:31 P

I know this is an older post but Look for a friend request from Afro Momma on xbox live.

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3/12/12 9:08 P

if anybody has xbox360 with kinect sports, adventures, or dance central hit me up LOVELY0383. need the workout challenge

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3/9/12 9:56 P

Does anyone play Wii online? What games do you play?

MRB2563 Posts: 338
3/9/12 9:51 P

Sounds like there are options! That's a good deal then.

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3/9/12 6:56 P


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3/9/12 5:48 P

The one I purchased contained the console, kinect and kinect adventures game. Amazon has great deals, but you could probably check any local game store for used consoles as well.

MRB2563 Posts: 338
3/9/12 5:37 P

Was it with the Kinect?

ELENGIL Posts: 957
3/9/12 4:59 P

Bear in mind you don't have to shell out $350 for a brand new kinect/xbox console. I bought mine used on Amazon just last month and it came completely refurbished - plastic wrap and everything! I would have thought it was new if not for the profile already on it. Perfect condition for only $200. So don't think the cost is as bad as all that, you can get used consoles easily.

MRB2563 Posts: 338
3/9/12 5:50 A

You can buy the Kinect separate but it is $50 cheaper to get it with the console.

MRB2563 Posts: 338
3/9/12 5:49 A

If you tried the fitness games and set yourself up online, the xbox is a fantastic way to exercise! I play several rounds of tennis with a new-found Xbox partner on Xbox live. We are having a blast! Our next venture will be Your Shape due to the rave reviews. I do love the Wii, but there is no comparison with the addition of Kinect.

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1/10/12 12:58 P

As far as money goes and my health , I have changed my mind. I was just telling my husband I thougth aobut getting a wii again after we get taxes back he said do whatever you want. I wasn't thinking about the Kinect. We bought the wireless xbox360 (the one that didnt have a hard drive) and I'm pretty sure it's kinect compatible. Cna you buy just the kinect accessory? Does it come with a game without buying another xbox? I was going to go with the wii, but we had it before, and was just going to get zumba, and the newer games, but since we have 2 xboxes, he and I both can still play at the same time, with the same type of game system, and I think it would be cheaper than buying a new system as well.

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1/5/12 11:06 P


I don't have either one but have been reading about both. The EA Active Sports 2 is currently getting all the raves but works on Wii as well as Kinect :) ... hope that helps...


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11/19/11 12:34 P

Having both I can say Kinect is more than a generation ahead, there isn't a point in comparison.

Once the Wii was the ultimate in game tech, about 5 years ago, but ever since Microsoft developed Kinect, the gaming experience moved several steps ahead.

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11/18/11 4:04 P

Kinect is better than Wii for workouts because it actually can tell what your legs are doing.

Now that I lost some weight (and I'm still overweight) I can't get the Wii EA Active leg thing to stay on without cutting off was a problem when I was bigger too but now it falls off faster to the point that I can't even finish one part of the game without stopping to fix it. So, I don't use the Wii for fitness (Really only use it for playing Netflix in the bedroom now...maybe the occasional game of mario or monopoly)

For Kinect I like the dance games for exercise...they are fun. If you need accountability then you might want one of the actual fitness games but for that I think I just prefer videos. The only workout game I haven't tried for Kinect is EA Active and that's because to really try it out you need the heart rate monitor that comes with it (have a friend that I can borrow it from some day though). Of the ones I have tried the Biggest Loser game was the most motivating and well put together.

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11/18/11 3:07 P

I would say that the Kinect is better since it requires you to move your whole body, not just the controller.

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11/17/11 11:54 P

I personally like the wii better.

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11/17/11 10:14 P

Thanks to some great advice on here, I just made up my mind as to which system to get. I am going to go with the Xbox Kinect!

AUDRIANA913 Posts: 7
8/4/11 1:06 P

I have both, love both, but for fitness the Kinect wins. There are better games for either one you pick, I didn't look through all the posts but I don't think anyone mentioned Dance Dance Revolution, I love this one for Wii! Wii Fit is more for toning/yoga than cardio. For Kinect I have Dance Central, Biggest Loser, and Zumba. My favorite is Zumba, it's the most fun, but Biggest Loser is definitely toughest. Dance Central is just fun but I don't care for the song selection quite as much.

6/1/11 11:13 A

Kinect is FAR superior. There aren't a lot of games out for it yet, but that doesn't matter to me. I just do the obstacle course on the Kinect Adventures (comes with the system when you buy it), and that burns a ton of calories!!

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6/1/11 11:03 A

I only have a Wii but recently the games that are coming out for it are just great. I'm currently doing the EA Active Sports 2 Cardio Kick-Start Workout and I'm sweating like crazy even though it's just ~25 minutes (there are longer work-outs of course, and you can make your own or set a topic and have it generated). It comes with a band for your left hand that also measures your pulse and a band for your right leg so it can measure movements there. The Wii remote is only used on some exercises, so usually you're hands free.

I have the feeling most people here are only thinking of Wii Fit and even though it's a great and fun start, it's really not the best program out on the Wii.

Someone already mentioned Just Dance (2 just came out recently), but I'd also like to mention Samba de Amigo which you can buy quite cheaply nowadays and which is fun and works wonders for your arms.

There's plenty of others, some using the balance board, some dance mats, some their own sensors and some the Wii remote. So if you have the Wii already, I'd rather invest in one of the new fitness programs out there instead of investing in the Kinect. If those programs don't get you moving, than the Kinect won't either and will collect dust again.

NSMANN Posts: 979
4/2/11 1:30 A

I have used both and I can say that Xbox Kinect is obviously superior. The mobility is greater because you're not tied down to a controller. Go with Xbox.

HARLEYQUINN6503 Posts: 7
4/1/11 9:14 P

I've played both and I like the Kinect better because it tracks your entire body...the wii tracks the controller so if you're playing something like the sports game...bowling for instance you can sit on the couch and swing your arm and make a strike...but ont the kinect you cant do that because it sees your entire body moving...or not moving...

JMO1978 Posts: 429
3/17/11 8:17 P

I just got the Wii. We weighed many options before we went and spent so much money. We already have an Xbox 360 that collects dusk because no one really plays the games. Wii games seem much more appealing for my 3 year old and for the family. I did get the Wii Fit Plus, Just Dance 2 and Just Dance for Kids and Dora Fit. I can do things with my 3 year old and get a little work out in while she has a blast. I think the Xbox is for people who really like "gaming". I have to say I think the new Kinect is a great thing but maybe in a year or two when then build a game base for it and improve the component... because you know they will. Just consider the use of the Xbox outside your workout or Kinnect Games before you purchase it.

LARIESHA Posts: 3,179
3/13/11 8:53 P

I only have the Wii and it is pretty good. my daughter is trying to talk us into the Kinect, because her friend has one. But I am not ready to shell out that money for another system when we already have one that works perfectly fine.

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3/13/11 6:54 P

something no one has mentioned that I find well worth a note.. With the wii there is a weight limitation. With the Kinect you don't need a balance board and weight is not a problem for those of us a bit too large for the wii. I just started using the Your Shape and really and finding it quite a work out even the Tai Chi part. It tells you how many calories you have burned to which is really nice.

The games that come with it are great fun and you don't even realize you are exercising at all. I also have the Sports and can get carried away and find myself a bit sore the next day if I am not careful..

It's a good thing it reminds you to take a break or get a drink on occasion. Believe it or not you get having so much fun you do forget..

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ALYSSABELLE1027 Posts: 47
2/23/11 9:09 P

I feel like wii fit is really the program being considered. I think you also have to consider the other fitness releases.

I prefer the wii. For one thing, I do not have the room to use the kinect, nor can I afford it. None of the Xbox games really appeal to me, so spending $300 some dollars on a system just for fitness is just not worth it. You can buy Turbo Jam and P90X for that (correct me if I'm wrong). Because I prefer Nintendo game releases (and VC!!!) I use the Wii for my game workouts.

Here's my thing- Wii fit is nice for a calming game. I break a sweat with EA Sports Active 2 and I enjoy Just dance and Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort get me moving if I just don't really feel like truly moving.

That's my two cents, for what it's worth. I prefer the Wii, but it's partially because it's what works for me.

SHANZIM Posts: 30
2/23/11 4:23 P

I think Kinect holds you more accountable than the Wii. Fully body movement vs. swing your arm in the right area. If you want to concentrate on your right arm go Wii. Full body? KINECT!

GIRLTOYT Posts: 19
2/20/11 3:39 P

We have both systems, and I love them both. However, the Kinect really opens up a whole new world of home-based workouts. I will always love my Wii, but I am definitely embracing fitness on Kinect! I was so sore after the first day of using it. It's awesome because you are having so much fun you don't even realize how much you are moving!

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2/5/11 7:18 A

I prefer the Wii, but mainly because I like the games nintendo releases more. I also like holding a controller, and I can play ea active on it, so I don't feel like I'm missing much.

I figure those out there that are going to release workout games will probably do it multiplatform anyway.

Also, I like the fact that the balance board shows exactly how you're balancing when you do yoga.

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2/1/11 12:11 P

hah... i held back some.. i could have placed more..

RUNNINGAL425 Posts: 1,070
2/1/11 8:30 A

Thanks for all the info.

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2/1/11 7:34 A

our household is big into gaming systems...
2 ipod touches 4th gens
1 wii with 4 controllers, nunchucks, wii fit
5 computers
nintendo dsi
nintendo dsi xl
old xbox
xbox 360 - but red ringed..

i always loved my 360.. more for the adults.. controllers are a bit big for the little tikes.. 4-6 year olds...
well i saw kinect was coming out... so i ponied up and got a new 360.... then when kinect came out i had it on day 1.. but wrapped it up as a present for my 10yr old...

i did the wii fit for a while.. tracked my weight, your wii age and all that... was fun and cool...

however the nice thing about kinect is this...
you do not hold onto ANYTHING... that is good and bad

some games say to hold a weight for best results..
no need to use a controller to get games started and navigate
real time - tells you to pickup the pace... out of step... bend your arms more... IT KNOWS!!!!!!

it does not guess your weight
cost - to some cost matters... $300 for xbox and kinect bundle (no hard drive but can add later)

how many of you have an ipod touch? we never had until this xmas... $1000 to apple on 2 ipod touches and 2x$100 itunes gift cards... talk about expensive...
apple says if you want it you will pay..
so i dont see the 360 as expensive now...

you should see me dance to lady gaga poker face on dance central!!!! funny as i have no rythum and am very stiff.. but i aced (5 start perfection) on easy... yeah easy isnt easy.. and i was sweating..

your shape fitness evolved -
ok the games are fun.. showing friends we end up doing challenges on the brick stack...
punching bricks is cool and gets my heart going...
hoola hoop.. i cant seem to keep up..
boxing style workout is a challenge...
personal trainer.. now here is the top part.. i cant keep up.. my personal trainer WORKS ME HARD!!!!!!!

you have options like loose baby belly, fit into those jeans and a few other funny choice goals... and the workout tailers to it....

i love it... so far even the game that comes with it is fun... kinect adventures.... water rafting, hitting balls, stretch, jump to get the items... just fun..

so far games..
Kinectimals, kinect adventures, kinect your shape, kinect dance central and kinect sports

now the downside to kinect your shape that annoys me.. yes you can purchase new workouts already... but that is rediculous!!!!

$50 for game... about $8 per add on and there are about 8 of them... so do the math... cmon... $114 total into the game... be for real... and there is kick boxing style stuff in there.. so yeah ill end up ponying up to buy some of them.. not all of them though... im gonna wait until my trainer doesnt challenge me anymore which will be a while from now....

well that is it for now...

ANDIGATOR Posts: 127
1/5/11 5:54 P

One more point about the Your Body: Fitness Evolved game is the add-ons. They have already released 4 expansion packs that have different types of exercises. They're fairly inexpensive (a few bucks) and really expand the kind of workouts you get.

I also bought Dance Central, but haven't tried that yet.

1/5/11 4:09 P

I have the kinect...I use the biggest loser ultimate workout on it.I like it because I really am getting a workout,like doing a dvd,only it tells me what I am doing wrong,how to fix it...slow down,speed up,punch farther,lunge wider ,etc.And another cool feature of that game that I like is the voice recognition..Bob will ask if I need a water break,or how are you holding up? and then it gives you some choices,and if you say I need water it will stop so you can get a drink...etc.then you can resume your workout.
I also have the kinect adventures,and kinect both of those as well with all the jumping ,kicking punching ,dodging,Running(track and feild on sports),normally,even running on a treadmill I dont sweat that much,but with these I really do.Thats just my experience with it.
There is also a "Kinect To Spark" team as well.

WINTERKJ Posts: 88
1/5/11 3:53 P

We got a kinect for Christmas and I just recently got the Zumba Dance for it and love it.

The kinect is so much better than the wii because you actually have to move your entire body.

The Zumba dance is fun and really makes you work.


BTOTHEEKKAH SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/11 2:58 P

I have a wii system and i love it. ive never tried the kinect. that system seems very interactive and fun, although as youve said its $350. With the Wii there are similar workout games that you can get. some are the exact same game. with the wii however they may involve holding onto a remote. I feel though that just like any workout its what you put into it. Ive been using the Just Dance 2 game and break a sweat every time. i love it.

VICKYLEE7 Posts: 9
1/5/11 2:45 P

I don't have the wii to compare it too, but the kinect is amazing and also great fun, I am going to get some excersize ones for it. I even think I like just to play on my light excersize/days off!

1/5/11 2:26 P

ty for the info ive been lookin 2 purchase one of the 2

INDARYS Posts: 1,533
1/5/11 2:11 P

From a gamers perspective I think the Kinect is the better regardless. As was stated you don't have a controller and it interacts with you. The Wii was a great start in this regards, but Microsoft really improved upon it by leaps and bounds. If you have the means and you prefer to do exercise in home, the Kinect may be the better choice. If it comes down to it though, I wouldn't fret too much, the Wii still has its benefits. I think balancing and holding position on a board (and making that dot move as little as possible) may be more of a challenge in some respects.

JKSBSBL Posts: 5
1/5/11 2:09 P

The Kinect is 100x better! I used Wii Fitness awhile back and I didn't even break a sweat. With Kinect (I use Your Shape Evolved) you get a personal trainer and can do cardio, toning and strength exercises. You can take "classes", use weights, take yoga, etc. I break out a sweat every time and I feel like I'm getting an actual workout.

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1/5/11 12:41 P

My cousin said he likes it because you can actually use real objects rather than just a controller. For example for the tennis you can actually play using a real tennis racket if you want the game to feel more "real." Or a real baseball bat, etc. He's into fencing so he's looking forward to Kinect coming out with a Swords program. All the game cares about is what your body is doing so it doesn't care if you are holding the object. I would also think that would make resistance exercises using weights much more realistic.

ANDIGATOR Posts: 127
1/5/11 12:25 P

Kinect is in fact WAY better. The Wii can only measure what you do on a little balance board holding a motion controller. Kinect measures your entire body. I was skeptical until I got it for Christmas. Your Body: Fitness Evolved is the best... you can probably watch some videos on Youtube.

BMHILL71 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/11 11:39 A

My cousin has a Kinect now and swears it is a much better workout than the Wii system. However I don't want to run out and spend $350 for a new gaming system without getting more than one opinion on it. Anyone else have opinions as to the Kinect vs. the Wii for working out?

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