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1/27/11 8:48 P

Thank you everyone. You all had some great suggestions and I plan on implementing them!

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1/27/11 9:09 A

Hard boil half a dozen eggs on Sunday. You can store them in the fridge shelled or unshelled (I do unshelled because I can peel at work into my trash can or the office sink/garbage disposal). Even peeling an egg in the morning is not time-consuming, and that with an apple/orange and a handful of almonds is a nice, quick and portable breakfast.

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1/27/11 8:33 A

When I worked I was perpetually late for work on a regular basis. While I tended to arrive at work in the knick of time, I was always rushing to get there. I would keep Carnation breakfast bars(they aren't sold anymore) and string cheese to eat in the car on the way. It was something which was better than nothing.
I still don't eat a big breakfast now that I don't work. I eat a Nature Valley Sweet & Salty granola bar and either string cheese or grapes for breakfast. Sometimes I'll have cereal or a scrambled egg.
I agree with the others. Make a grab and go breakfast and take it with you. As for lunch, set the alarm on your cell phone for lunch time and go eat when it goes off.

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1/27/11 8:02 A

meet the smoothie. go to a local restaurant supply store and buy some cheap plastic cups, lids, and straws. make sure you have frozen fruit, yogurt, and a blender at home.

start with the blender and blend up some frozen fruit. you can add in whichever ones you like or some fresh if you like the flavors. then add in some yogurt and either milk or water or juice to thin it out to the consistency you like. pour the smoothie into the cups and pop in the freezer. in the morning, on your way out the door, grab a cup, a lid, and a straw. in about an hour or two, you'll have a decent snack that is just fruit and dairy. and if you love coffee, you could probably work a little of that in there as well.

and as others have said, look into frozen options, or congee or something that is ready to go already in the morning. my backup breakfast is half a bagel and an ounce of cheese. takes like ten seconds in the microwave to heat and i can eat it while i get dressed. cereal, sandwiches, salads and leftovers are also very quick heat and eat breakfast options. and there are a ton of burrtio/sandwich type frozen foods that you can heat while you get dressed and eat just as easily as your starbucks sandwich, without the bother of having to drive to starbucks.

for lunch, again to the grocery store with you. to the cup of soup section, and look for health valley, dr macdougall's and/or nile valley. these brands have options like lentil curries, black bean soup and other really darn decent options, and even more so because you add water, heat and eat. these will be great for your desk because they can stay in there until you need them.
while you are on this grocery store trip, head around to the kid's/lunchbox/snack aisle. there are shelf stable applesauces and pearsauces, nuts, nut butter, crackers, crackers and cheese or nut butter, fruit leather, dried fruit and a multitude of other foods that are a-okay shelf stable options. you'll keep some of these in your desk for a last thing to eat before you go home for the day.

finally, make food a priority. if you have different tasks and a varied schedule each day, get in to work, set your stuff down, look at what you need to get done that day, pick a lunch time that should work for that day
-and set a damn ALARM so you remember to do it!

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1/27/11 5:26 A

I can never eat first thing in the morning so used to skip breakfast a lot. It obviously didn't do me any good so I decided I needed to sort it. I also used to grab a high calorie/fat sandwich at lunch time because I didn't prepare anything.

Now, I take porridge/oatmeal sachets to work at eat it at about 9.30. I make it with water and make it up in a mug so it's just like making a tea in the kitchen.

I prepare lunch the night before, whether this is a healthy balanced sandwich, leftover dinner from the night before, fresh soup (we have microwaves at work) or fix a salad and take whatever dressing i want to work with me too.

I don't know if they do them in the US or something similar but I have graze boxes delivered to my work( They are boxes which have 4 compartments and are filled with healthy whole food snacks. Anything from japanese crackers, nuts, olives, fruit. You can have them delivered as much as you like and they are great to keep you going through the day and keep your metabolism up and stop you from snacking on crisps and biscuits!

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1/27/11 2:07 A

Another really easy solution is to cook your 1000-calorie dinner, divide it in half, and pack up one half to take for lunch. If you can't deal with eating the same thing two days in a row, put half of your dinner in the freezer every night until you have a little collection, and then mix them around the next week.

And if it would help, re-consider the grocery-store frozen meals. Some of them are reasonably healthy-- look at Amy's brand and Kashi, for example. If you're near a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods type of store, peruse the freezer case and read the labels. Some of the frozen meals don't have anything in them that you wouldn't put in your own cooking.

There are also quick homemade breakfasts you can put together in less time than it takes to go through a drive-through. Look for an old-fashioned refrigerator bran muffin, make it with less fat and sugar and more dried fruit, and scoop some out every morning to bake in the toaster oven while you're in the shower or doing your makeup. It'll be warm and toasty and easy to eat in the car. Make your own egg sandwiches that you just have to zap in the microwave. Keep instant oatmeal packets in your desk drawer at work. (Nature's Path makes some tasty ones with a lot less salt and sugar than Quaker.) Do your grocery shopping on Sunday, buy 5 pieces of fruit or 5 cups of yogurt or both, put them in a container with your name on it, and put it in the refrigerator at work on Monday so you'll have snacks. You'll feel obligated to eat it every day so you can take the empty container home on Friday.

And when it comes right down to it, a 750-calorie dinner isn't necessarily a disaster. If you're not so hungry that you overeat, there's no real harm in eating half of your calories at one meal. The time you eat isn't as important as the quality and total calories of what you eat. The recommendation is for multiple small meals because most people will overeat or will be seriously fatigued if they get too hungry. But some people are exceptions to that rule. If you feel all right eating this way, and you're getting proper nourishment, it's not necessarily a problem.

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1/27/11 12:09 A

When you say you "commute" do you drive or are you a passenger? If the latter, you could have some kind of "grab and go" breakfast ready the previous night to pick up going out the door and eat on the bus/train.

Can you set your morning alarm 10 minutes earlier? You would get used to it - it's only 10 minutes. This would give you time to have a bowl of cereal and fruit for breakfast.

You really do need to work on not skipping meals. Diary an entry into your electronic calendar at work (if you're a desk monkey) that will alert you every day at 12 (or whenever) that it's lunch time now. NEVER dismiss it unless you're actually going for lunch. Snooze it if you must, but don't dismiss it until you're standing up, lunch in hand, on the way.

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1/26/11 11:17 P

Oh... yes, the reason I tend to miss lunch is just bad time management at work. I tend to get in a zone... by the time I realize it, it's 3:30 and I havent eaten and I have hunger pangs... then my rational brain kicks in and say's "Well, its only 1.5 hours until I leave... so may as well just stay.

Your suggestion is helpful. Maybe instead of thinking i need to have two meals... I can have a series of snacks (nuts / fruits / my spiced up quinoa) instead of some official meal.

Thanks for your input!

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1/26/11 11:01 P

Sounds like you need some good things for meals and snacks on the go. I pack some almonds and raisins or other dried fruit almost every day for a midmorning snack; you could use these for that, or have them for breakfast in the car on the way to work. Pack them up the night before--it takes less than a minute.

Whole fruit is good for taking to work, too, though it takes a little more attention to eat it. And individual containers of yogurt or cottage cheese--can you store these at work? Even if you can't, an insulated lunch bag will do the trick. You have the time to cook quinoa at night, so you definitely have the time to get a few things ready for the next day each night! Packing up these things won't take any longer than packing the microwaveable breakfasts used to. Really!

One thing I don't quite understand--you say if you get breakfast, then you usually don't get lunch. Why is that?

Definitely don't skip meals. It's terrible for your blood sugar levels, among other things. Good luck!

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1/26/11 9:54 P

My calorie range is 1400 to 1750.

I am eating at the low end of my calorie range (sometimes under). My frustration is that I am consistently unable to get my act together to spread out the calories over the day. So I end up eating about 400 calories at either breakfast or lunch and then I consume about 750 to 1000 calories at dinnertime.

Main issue is I have a long commute to work, so I rush out the door and IF I am lucky enough to have 10 minutes to spare, I get breakfast (Grande Nonfat Latte and Spinach and Feta Wrap at Starbucks). But, if I don't have time to get breakfast, I end up skipping it and going on nothing until lunchtime.

If I get breakfast more than likely I miss lunch.

When I get home, I am eating better (quinoa, 3 - 4 oz meat/pork, some veggie) BUT I'm eating so much that I feel like I am forcing in food past the point of being satiated. In fact right now I feel STUFFED and BLOATED.

I know I need to manage my time better, but that is a challenge as difficult as my poor eating and weight!

So I guess I am wondering... what should i do... just eat less and accept I will be under in calories? Or eat it all.

I think its important to note that NEVER in a million years did I think I would have this problem. Before this I would eat processed, microwaveable meals. and never miss a meal, because I could carry some junky microwaveable breakfast sandwich to work and eat it.

But I am trying to eat whole and unprocessed now.

My graphs show me at the low range of my protein, under on carbs and right in range for fats.


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