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ZOEYBLU Posts: 69,203
4/13/11 10:43 A

I can't wait to find out what the new improvement is !!

Love this place

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-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
4/13/11 2:22 A

Well, thank you for the response.

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (70,078)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,448
4/12/11 5:34 P

Hi Everyone

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I've talked about this with our team and want to share our thoughts:

We've decided to make a pledge to members that we won't put ads on the main SparkPages because we want that to strongly feel like your personal space.

We would like to keep the ads on blog pages because this could be one way for us to continue improving the site. Since we offer the site for free, our main source of revenue to pay for the site is our advertising revenues. These revenues help us pay the team salaries and continue improving the site to help our members reach their goals. Since SparkPeople is such an interactive website, you wouldn't believe all the technical complexities behind-the-scenes that our team manages. It's a constant challenge to keep up. But, we're fortunate to have a really great team so I can sleep at night without worrying about the site :).

For example, our tech team is hard at work on what could be a really amazing improvement to the site that will launch at the end of April or early May. We also just brought on another person to the tech team to help with the site behind-the-scenes.

I really thank you for your support and hope this compromise sounds good.


Chris (SparkGuy)

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
4/12/11 3:21 P


-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
4/10/11 7:02 A

We are waiting on a response to this issue.

IDLETYME Posts: 25,966
3/30/11 10:40 A

I feel like MY page is just that - MINE!

KASSIANDORA SparkPoints: (40,996)
Fitness Minutes: (39,046)
Posts: 1,941
3/29/11 2:42 P

HAHAH! I'd wear them too!

STREAKFREAK Posts: 1,177
3/29/11 12:48 P

If an ad on my blog page keeps this unique, extraordinary, life-saving website (literally, *no* exaggeration!) and community free and accessible... I will take em (hell, I will *wear* em!) and be grateful!

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-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
3/29/11 8:55 A

I KNOW the ads are to keep it free... have an ad on every single page EXCEPT for our personal space meant to reflect us, our tastes, our goals and the space we use for support and to interact.

Ad's there are intrusive and simply pushing things too far.

KASSIANDORA SparkPoints: (40,996)
Fitness Minutes: (39,046)
Posts: 1,941
3/27/11 6:17 P

I like to believe that it is still about us, about helping us achieve our goals, but we don't pay, and even though this site is free for us, it is not free for them to maintain it.

I'm just thankful that the site is still free.

MARTHA503 SparkPoints: (19,670)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 1,639
3/26/11 3:32 P

I am calm! Get rid of ads.

LEXIE63 Posts: 10,633
3/26/11 8:06 A

We are perfectly calm, thankyou. :-) Just understandably annoyed.

Since we started to complain, instead of the ads stopping, they have increased from ONE on our blog pages to TWO.

Increasing the number of ads like that is frankly adding insult to injury. They are also right at the top of our blog pages, taking a prime spot that detracts from our personal spaces and meaning that buttons like blog subscription have been pushed so far down the page that they can't be seen without scrolling down some distance. This means that newcomers, and those not used to SP yet won't necessarily notice these options are available, which is a shame.

I thought SP was about US first, not advertisers.
Shame on SP.

LIZZY63 Posts: 16,450
3/26/11 3:24 A

Calm down people!

Coach Denise said it would be looked into, give them time.

LEXIE63 Posts: 10,633
3/25/11 7:18 P

Now I am really angry! I have TWO - count them - TWO ads on my spark blog, and they are both for tuna, a fish I loathe! Every time I think of tuna, it makes me feel sick so why am I having to see the ads for the stuff every time I use my blog? It is WRONG!!! You are hijacking my personal pages and I have had enough!!!
Leave our pages alone!!!

2BFREE2LIVE SparkPoints: (440,495)
Fitness Minutes: (463,705)
Posts: 17,765
3/25/11 1:04 A

I feel that it is okay for them to use the community pages but when they start to advertise on our personal page that is suggesting that we approve of whatever pops up there. I agree they should stop using our personal pages as bill boards.

MARY0001 Posts: 2,094
3/24/11 7:08 P

Thanks for the warning about personal blogs. I hadn't started one and was thinking of do it, but now I am having serious second thoughts.

CAPTHAMMER Posts: 4,174
3/24/11 12:10 P

Obviously I'm in the minority here but isn't this the same principle as school officials having legal right to search lockers at schools because they are school property?

Granted the little blue underlined words within our blogs were distracting and needed to be removed. Everyone on SparkPeople knows the advertising policy and it's doubtful anyone assumes you've selected the ad appearing to the side. As Kassiandora said, didn't even notice them because inundating us with ads on every page has made them just so much background filler.

That being said, betting SparkPeople will listen and remove them soon. They've been very responsive to member complaints.

KASSIANDORA SparkPoints: (40,996)
Fitness Minutes: (39,046)
Posts: 1,941
3/24/11 11:43 A

Didn't even notice it until someone said something.

REDBIRD7933 Posts: 89
3/24/11 11:42 A

so far I haven't been infected or 'attacked' by ads on the blogs. i guess I've either been lucky or somehow avoided the offending blogs. emoticon

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
3/24/11 9:32 A

How long is it expected before we get some officail word on wether this intrusive thing will stay or not?

MARTHA503 SparkPoints: (19,670)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 1,639
3/24/11 2:05 A

Personal page ads is something I don't want to see. This would encourage me to stop sparkin.


NICKI984 Posts: 673
3/23/11 10:59 P

If I get a virus I'll sadly have to leave too. I love sparkpeople but computers don't come cheap!

HIP-MOM Posts: 1,744
3/23/11 10:21 P

I got a virus week before last from the nutrition tracker, been sent spam from someone reading my blogs saying they found my email from my spark page which I used to post for my friends until that email and now the ads on the personal page is getting to be the icing on the cake. I started a profile with web md so that I can keep tracking everything and may make the switch soon-permanently. I love spark and have paid my dues to use this site. But, my privacy and being virus free is much more important.

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-TOOTS- Posts: 35
3/23/11 1:13 P

I agree personal pages is too much.

JOYINKY Posts: 9,146
3/23/11 12:36 P

Thanks Denise, It's nice to know someone is listening.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,538
3/23/11 12:16 P

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

Coach Denise

LEXIE63 Posts: 10,633
3/23/11 8:20 A

I am happy to have ads anywhere on Sparkpeople to help keep the site free, EXCEPT our personal pages. I am advertising brain training games today on my blog page, and I don't want to be advertising anything!
Please SP, listen to us and keep all your ads in the common areas of the website!
Lex xxx

JOYINKY Posts: 9,146
3/23/11 7:53 A

I agree, I work at having my page reflect me and advertising just doesn't cut it! I vote for hands off on our private pages! Anyone listening??

NEW-CAZ SparkPoints: (484,919)
Fitness Minutes: (296,633)
Posts: 32,558
3/23/11 6:45 A

Totally agree, I'm all for keeping the site free and SP seeking sponsorship to enable this but our pages are OUR PAGES- we did not sign up to what could amount to recommending companies viewed on our private page.
Hands off! emoticon

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LIZZY63 Posts: 16,450
3/22/11 7:05 P

I'm with you on this one, don't like the ads on our pages at all!

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
3/22/11 3:55 P

Jeez, I know they are here to keep the site free and all... but on PERSONAL pages? Really?

Too much SparkPeople... way too much.

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