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JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (587,377)
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Posts: 16,681
7/8/14 8:11 P

Becareful, and listen to your body. If the pain is bad, don't overdo it; if it's minor, you can probably go ahead and workout.

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
7/8/14 7:27 P

Minor maybe but nothing severe or harmful

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (558,953)
Fitness Minutes: (220,653)
Posts: 31,007
7/8/14 6:35 P

I do unless the pain is unbearable

JAPIOW Posts: 1,177
7/8/14 6:33 P

Latin dance? huh? what's that?

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
7/8/14 6:23 P

I do work through the pain. I did an hour at the gym with leg machines in spite of a sprained ankle that is healing. I'd check with your doctor about this......

7/8/14 3:53 P

I try, and pain is an everyday thing with me

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
7/8/14 10:27 A

Have you discussed it with your doctors? This kind of soreness does indicate fluid retention in the muscles. Because of your kidney issues, the answer for you may be very different from what someone without kidney problems should do. Whether *I* would push through aches has nothing to do with whether *you* should. Your doctors might say it's entirely up to you, and THEN it would make sense to ask what other people do, but you need to make sure your dialysis isn't affected first of all.

TENNESSEESTACY SparkPoints: (6,059)
Fitness Minutes: (3,983)
Posts: 18
7/8/14 10:23 A

I would, but not a strenuous workout because you don't want to hurt yourself or make exercise torture (you won't stick with it if it's a terrible experience). Do you have something that's more about stretching to work the kinks out? I have old DVDs of Calenetics, which is all about gentle but firm stretching, for achey, or in my case, whiney days.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
7/8/14 10:16 A

I ended up doing another 25 minute Jane Fonda workout. I have Leslie Sansone as well but I don't find her workouts challenging enough. I might do LS workouts on days I feel especially achy though.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (199,967)
Fitness Minutes: (298,943)
Posts: 27,312
7/8/14 10:05 A


If you just tried the Jane Fonda workout, you may be experiencing some DOMS. delayed on set muscle soreness. Your body will adapt to the workout with time. For now, if you're still achy, don't do anything that will increase those aches.

A Latin dance workout could be just a little too intense if you're still recovering from that 25 minute workout. How about taking a walk today ? When a person has DOMS, some light cardiovascular exercise (like a walk) as well as some stretching (like pilates or yoga) will help decrease some of the ache.

I know you recently decided to make some changes to your fitness routine. Don't try to do too much too soon. Because of your dialysis, your body will need more time to recover from a workout.

For a reasonably healthy person who is just starting to workout, they may only need 2-3 days to recover. Some one on dialysis may need 3-5 days. Which is why you might consider taking a walk today. Walking is a good way to remain active, but not tax your body too much.

While it's important to challenge our bodies, we have to be aware of our limitations too or we will end up injured.

TINA8605 SparkPoints: (99,668)
Fitness Minutes: (12,395)
Posts: 1,764
7/8/14 10:02 A

I'm very hardheaded...unless I have actually sprained or strained my self I would continue on. You might want to back off the excessive time of exercise. That's why they say ease into exercising when you first begin. This is a great example of why people who are gung ho about starting a weight reduction or exercise plan stop. They over do it in the begining, get overwhelmed or over exerted, hurt or have pain from a new muscle movement and then stop. Ease up and don't give up. Do a little bit of exercise to work your way out of this pain. Keep it moving!!!!!! emoticon

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,068
7/8/14 9:52 A

It definitely would depend on how bad these aches and pains are. I prefer to do a 20 to 40 minute work out 6 to 7 days a week, rather than EVER doing 50 minutes. I mostly walk with a just a bit of running. I feel my moderate routine serves me well. I am not one who feels I must always push the envelope and do more. More is not always better. Sometimes it is good to have a goal for what you want to maintain for the rest of your life if you are physically able and just stick with that.

I joined a walk/running club more for the social aspect than the running. Many of the runners seem to think you must always have a goal of completing the next big know first a 5K, then a half marathon, then a marathon. I see nothing wrong with sticking with the 5K plan forever. It is a lot better than the "couch" plan. Eowyn, what are you wanting to accomplish with the Jane Fonda workout? I don't like her and have never checked out her workouts but they sound too intense for me. If you just want to stay strong, healthy as possible and toned, there are other plans that might not be as painful, that you can stick with every day. I think Leslie Sansone videos are wonderful and I don't get sore.

7/8/14 8:09 A

Simply stated - yes.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
7/8/14 8:08 A

I usually push through. You'd be surprised how many kinks exercise takes care of.

7/8/14 7:27 A

I have pushed through aches and pains. Exercise usually helps everything if you do in in moderation.

FERNCREST Posts: 1,029
7/8/14 7:14 A

Not really

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,554)
Fitness Minutes: (41,531)
Posts: 27,138
7/8/14 7:10 A

It is quite possible that your 'aches and pains' MAY be in part, related to your health. My late BIL who dialized 3x weekly often used to complain of 'aches and pains' and they were directly related to his renal health.

If you feel that you must exercise while feeling like this, just try a gentle walk.


REGINAROLLINS SparkPoints: (66,618)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 1,631
7/8/14 7:10 A

I try to push through the aches and pains-it actually seems to help the pain some-I also take Ibuprophen pretty reagually!!!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
7/8/14 7:05 A

i would say that aches and pains are different. i would work through aches or but i would give pains at least another day or two. another option would be to skip your latin dance if you find that challenging and perhaps swap it with a walk and either some stretching or some light workout for whatever muscle is bothering you. so that way you're getting some activity in, but it's not as intense as what you had planned.
i'm also someone who is most often sore 2 days after instead of the day after. i find that reduced intensity smaller workouts on the day after the intense workout make the second day after the intense workout much more manageable. i'm talking a slow jog or walk and few sets of pushups light here. nothing big or intense or fancy, just enough to get those muscles moving a little more than in normal life.

7/8/14 6:28 A

Depends on the pain. I know my body very well and I can tell the "stiches" that will ease out if I continue vs injury. The only pain I won't mess with is knee pain. I won't exercise if I get spontaneous knee pain because knee issues run in my family.

STEELER71 Posts: 8,048
7/8/14 6:17 A

I probably would. I'm 75 and have been very active all of my life so taking a day off wouldn't be for me.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
7/8/14 1:46 A

I did a 25 minute Jane Fonda workout on Sunday. I took a break on Monday. Now it's Tuesday and I still have aches and pains all over. Would you push through and do a workout today anyway? I have planned a 50 minute Latin dance workout for today but I just don't feel like it!

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