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SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (563,702)
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10/29/13 12:28 A

I agree with SHKIRK as we normally see the before pic in the worst and the after pic in the best! Do "people" really see us in the nude?!?!? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

DRFOOTWEAR SparkPoints: (2,309)
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10/28/13 6:34 P

A Speedo and a Viking helmet

DAVEMALYON SparkPoints: (406)
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10/28/13 3:36 P

weirdly i want people to see me :D emoticon

SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
10/28/13 1:25 P

I think it makes the lost more noticeable if you wear the same clothes as the before picture.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
10/28/13 1:10 P

My cousin posted his before and after picture on Facebook and I didn't interpret it as a slap in the face. I am very happy for him. Even if we are using different methods, to get to the same place.

Although there was that lady that posted her picture with her three kids and asked "What's your excuse" I saw her in interviews and even though I admire her resolve. She was quite snotty about the whole thing.

So I think tone and the words you use are important. Reading your reasons why you want to post an after picture. I hope that everyone sees your heart and how you want to be helpful.

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/28/13 1:03 P

Well, one of the reasons I want to post an "after" picture is because if it could inspire even one person to change their life for the better, then it's probably worth it to me. I used to be a personal trainer and found it one of the most gratifying professions because you could actually visibly change people's lives. I don't do that anymore but still help people with health and fitness where I can.

More than just the picture, I want people to see that you can do it no matter how many people tell you you can't, because you're too sick, slow, old, "maybe you were just meant to be that way," or whatever the reason. I got so tired of people saying, "Well, you're in that mid-dle age now" or "When you hit 40 it all slows down" or just dismissing me as not a serious athlete anymore because I became ill and had physically fallen behind where I was. It got to the point that I started telling myself these things and staying in mediocrity for far too long.

I would like to show people they can still be fit and healthy, even if they are 40+ years old, and not to let negative people make them believe otherwise.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
10/28/13 11:33 A

Any picture you post of yourself in a normal life activity is going to show how you look now without being "in-your-face" like a posed, deliberate "after" shot. Definitely do whatever you want here on SparkPeople, but on Facebook? What would be the motivation for posting an after shot there? Do you feel there's some specific reason that it would be helpful to announce your weight loss instead of just letting people notice?

Posting your race picture, or a picture of yourself painting your family member's house, or one from a party or trip, will serve a double purpose of showing your weight loss AND updating people on your activities. A posed after picture only tells people that you've lost weight and you want to make sure they know it. Some people are definitely going to interpret that as a slap at them for not doing the same; that's just how people are. An activity picture might not make *everyone* comment, "Oh, wow, you look great!", but it will make sure that the ones who do comment will be sincere about it.

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,466
10/28/13 6:30 A

I am planning to wear the same clothes as I did in my Before photos, but also have a couple in other outfits that I feel good in.

ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
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10/27/13 10:05 P

I like the idea of a race picture! That puts the focus on your accomplishment/fitness and if people notice that you're extra slim, well, Bonus! :)

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
10/27/13 8:03 P

I am going to where the exercise outfit I was wearing in my before picture

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
10/27/13 8:02 P

I am going to where the exercise outfit I was wearing in my before picture

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/27/13 7:54 P

I'm starting to think I'll actually post a race pic from my first race at race weight! I haven't liked my race pictures for several years now, thinking I looked too fat (well, I was, not cutting on myself but let's just be real), so hopefully I will have one that will look GOOD!!

DAVEMALYON SparkPoints: (406)
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10/27/13 7:44 P

what id wear in my after shot is a nice blue or black suit know the straight trousers fitted jacket and shoes....

BUFFLIECE Posts: 522
10/27/13 7:34 P

Form fitting workout clothes for fear of loose skin and stretch marks ...there's this really expensive couture fitness line I just love love love!

No extra skin in sight?... bikini all the way baby! I've never gotten to do before and you only live once, right?!?!?

I probably wouldn't post either to facebook though. Not that I'd be ashamed if a future employer saw it (no risky poses here). But not everyone will be happy for me.... ya know? The naysayers and food pushers.

Do what's right for you...

ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,006
10/27/13 3:14 P

I too would suggest caution about posting pictures of yourself on-line. There are a lot of creepers out there. Kudos to you for your success!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
10/27/13 2:54 P

You have to be careful what you post on the internet and good for you for even thinking that because so many are just putting pics out there and not even thinking when they push the send button.
If it were me I'd but on a pair of jeans and a nice fitted top nothing too revealing with heels, because that's what I did wear before or a nice skirt and top.
You have to watch out for future employers seeing things on the internet sometimes it can come back to haunt you.
Good luck!

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/27/13 2:42 P

That is true about the yoga shorts and a sports bra, but the reason I suggested it is because people already know I workout a lot, and there are already photos floating around of me running, and that is what I wear to run when it's warm outside.

I don't have photos of myself at my heaviest. There is one taken where I'm heavier, I'm wearing a sweatshirt, shirt and baggy jeans in a group, so you can't really see very much, though you can tell I was bigger.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/27/13 2:25 P

Yoga shorts and a sports bra are not much different than wearing a swimsuit.

I would not post a photo ANYWHERE online unless you are fully covered.

What are you wearing in the "before" picture? What about something similar for the after?

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/27/13 2:17 P

I'm kind of thinking yoga shorts and a sports bra right now :)

I dunno if I will post to Facebook, I've not been talking about it there... I guess I was kind of embarrassed and didn't want people who hadn't seen me in a while to know I had gained weight. I gained because I was sick and on meds mostly, but people don't know that from pictures. I've actually avoided photos as much as possible for several years now. I didn't used to be like that.

ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
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10/27/13 2:14 P

I posted a picture on my (non spark) blog that was a before/during shot taken after I had lost 30 pounds. I will definitely post another one when I reach my goal weight. I am super proud of how hard I've worked and I think it's okay to show it off a little bit!

I personally would wear something you feel fabulous in. That's going to be different for everyone. I saved a pair of jeans and also my belt from when I was my heaviest. My 30-pounds-down shot was me in an outfit I felt great in, with my belt on and held out in front so you could see the difference. Stuff like that is so eye-opening and encouraging. I need to do it again-- maybe when I hit 45 pounds down.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,337)
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10/27/13 1:55 P

I agree. I've seen photos with members wearing jeans, evening gowns, shorts, tank tops and even bathing suits. Wear something that you feel comfortable wearing.

I still have a pair of pants that I wore at my highest weight. One day, I said I'd do a James Coco style picture of me wearing them in a side view to show how much weight I'd lost. Thinking about it.

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
10/27/13 12:29 P

Why not and what is comfortable to you.

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/27/13 12:10 P

What would you wear for an "after" weight-loss pic? I don't want a swimsuit photo posted of me on the internet for job reasons. Would a workout outfit be OK? Skinny jeans? Other??

I will post a pic on SparkPeople (of course!!) but would you also post them to other social networks like Facebook? I have been pretty private about my weight loss (except on SparkPeople) to this point.


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