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2/14/14 10:47 P

I'm really sorry if my original post caused some of you to recall or dwell on the regrets of the past. As AMARANTHAQ pointed out, that can be depressing. That wasn't my intention, so I'm sorry. I should have made my question clearer.

I meant the question as a means to examine our lives now, to see if there are any changes that can be made to avoid any regrets.

For example, a year ago my two biggest regrets would have been:

1) That I didn't take better care of myself. Therefore, I began to eat healthier and exercise more. Today, I am thinner and possibly fitter than I have ever been.
2) That I did not give as much time and effort as I should have to some of my close friendships and relationships. Therefore, over the past year, my husband and I have gotten together much more frequently with family and friends.

I made and am still trying to make changes so that I don't have regrets.

The regrets of the past can't be changed, so I don't know how useful or healthy it is to ponder them. However, if there is something you can change in your life now to avoid something you might regret, what would it be?

P.S. I find all of you who wouldn't change a thing to be very fortunate.

BETRHO48 Posts: 15,667
2/14/14 9:41 P

not many, perhaps a few

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
2/14/14 6:30 P

Isn't it great how we're all different?

I've had the life-threatening diagnoses a few times in my life, and honestly never spent a moment thinking about "regrets". After all, I am who I am today because of all of the choices I made in the past, and I really like who I am, so what would I regret?

What those situations really made me think about was what is truly important *to me*. What I find truly important is love, and finding the joy in every day. That's it - that's all. Instead of looking either back or ahead, I choose to be totally in the present and share it with those I love.

Whether I keel over in the next five minutes or after another five decades, I'll leave behind memories that make those I've left behind smile. Regrets? None.

2/14/14 12:54 P

I regret transferring out of Vassar College after one year. Went to Elmira College in upstate NY and did very well there, but my mother was so proud of me when I got accepted to Vassar! I should have stayed but I was young and foolish. My parents supported me no matter what. God bless them!

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
2/14/14 12:06 P

Lol, kind of a depressing question so I should be staying away from it as I don't focus on thoughts like I might die tomorrow and all that jazz. emoticon

As for general regrets in life, I think most people have those.

HAPPYCPA1965 SparkPoints: (354,758)
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2/14/14 11:19 A

I hate to say this but I have regrets already so whether I die tomorrow or 40 years from now I cannot undo the bad choices and the consequences from those choices.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
2/13/14 8:12 P

You know, I've thought about that too, and for much the same reason. I would hate to die leaving my husband with disorganized cellar and attic. And since I take care of most of our paperwork it might be harder for him than need be. Those issues really bother me, so I am working on them.

However, I did make changes in my life based on the realization that it's NOT a dress rehearsal and can now say that I'd be o.k. if I knew life was coming to an end. Not happy - I love this world and I know how much it hurts to lose a loved one - but I would not feel I'd wasted my time on this earth.

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2/12/14 11:05 P

No I have no life regrets but that has come with learning to go with the flow of life.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/12/14 8:22 P

being in a toxic friendship too long. Giving sex to someone I shouldn't. Grateful that God forgives.......

LIBERTYWALK SparkPoints: (8,671)
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2/12/14 7:21 P

DIDS70, this isn't meant to be a game. It certainly wasn't a game while I was waiting for a potentially life-threatening diagnosis. The question helped me to make some very positive changes in my life. I think it provides the opportunity to really reflect on what is important in life, and if possible, to make the changes that won't leave you with any regrets. Lucky for you, that you don't have any.


Thanks for everyone's replies. It is helpful for me to see what other people value in their lives and to see what changes others would choose to make. It may give me some ideas for my own life. Thanks again.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,511
2/12/14 3:52 P

--I regret having lost time putting mega hours in a job. Balance is everything. Unless you are one of those rare people whose work is going to save the world or even one person....Having fun is probably just as important as trying to prove your worth. And mega hours doesn't guarantee job security.
--I regret letting my weight keep me from doing some of the things I wanted to do .
--I regret not having realized sooner that adopting a healthy mindset is more important than losing the weight fast.
--I regret thinking that there will always be time...later....
The clock keeps ticking but opportunities, come and go...and eventually fade away

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/12/14 3:23 P

no regrets. Would i have changed anything-- NO. God led me each day into becoming a better version of myself. Sometimes I really succeeded and sometimes I really failed. No matter what, it was consistently done by my choices. I don't play the regret game or the what if game. Neither are good for my psyche.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,846
2/12/14 5:27 A

The most important issue is settled for me - that is the question of what happens after death. I know I'm forgiven because Jesus died for me so I know I'm going to heaven. Beyond that - there's always going to be things we would have liked to happen in our lives, and there will always be the sense that we could have done more to help others - but no serious regrets. I would prefer not to die tomorrow but I'm not afraid of death.

MEMEJ4 Posts: 1,199
2/11/14 11:13 P

I'm good with my personal and professional life but if I died before I started my health ministry that would be my biggest regret. My goal is to get the ministry started this year.

Awesome question thanks for posting it

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
2/11/14 11:06 P

I guess one of my biggest regrets is not getting rid of toxic people in my life sooner, they caused me a lot of stress and I seriously believe that some health issues came from all the negativity they were bringing into my life and my family. I also regret that I didn't have at least one more child, but I got sick and then it changed everything but I'm very thankful to bel blessed with my wonderful son... He is the blessing in our lives!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (598,816)
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2/11/14 9:46 P

I think the only regret I would have is not having had more children. God only allowed my husband and I to have one beautiful daughter!!!!

LIBERTYWALK SparkPoints: (8,671)
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2/11/14 8:55 P

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow (or soon), would you have any regrets?

It was a question I was forced to face last year and the reason that I am here at SparkPeople and the reason that I am so much healthier today. Contemplation of the question prompted me to make other changes in my life as well.

Today, I learned that a neighbor recently died in her sleep at the relatively young age of 51. Once again, I find myself asking, would I have any regrets? Although I would certainly have fewer regrets today than I did a year ago, there are still some changes I could make.

How about you. What regrets would you have? What changes should you/could you make?

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