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4/18/13 5:38 P

A simple key to see how long they've "been around and active" is to look at the number of Spark Points, and number of posts....You can see that without even going to their Spark Page! In any case, I don't think " time as a member" totally equates to "knowledge"--- you have to evaluate what folks say based on more than a Date!! After all, if a Registered Dietician or a Certified Personal Trainer joined today, they would know WAY MORE than I ever will...! emoticon

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4/18/13 5:27 P

I don't think it would be particularly helpful to have the join date under the username on the message board.
I joined Sparkpeople years ago but took a long break from the site and then I came back. If you saw I was a member since 2006 it would not reflect my lifestyle, site activity or mean that I was necessarily better at this stuff than someone who had joined the site more recently.

If you want to talk to people who are just starting or at the same level isn't that kind of what the Fast Break forum or teams are for?

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4/18/13 4:24 P

Oh, you mean you would like to see it right under their name in their forum posts, along with "fitness minutes" and "number of posts" and all that?

Yeahh idk. It is not much trouble to click "my sparkpage" and look, and then page-back on the browser.

I don't think the length of time a person has been a member should affect how you respond to them, though. And "member since" dates don't show the whole picture anyways. People start and stop, or join but don't start for months or years. People create new accounts which show recent start-dates even though they have "been here before." People join Spark that have extensive experience on other forums or weight management programs. If someone says "need ideas for high protein breakfast" does it matter whether they are a new or old member? No.

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4/18/13 4:03 P

Yes I know that but if there was a place you could go to find out when people joined or know when they joined when you are interacting, do you think it could be helpful? I have responded to some posts thinking that someone has just joined but find out that they have been here for years! If I would have known that. it would have helped me formulate a different response! With it only being on their Spark Page, it requires tat you go researching and that is quite laborious to find out just to be informed so you can respond appropriately!

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4/18/13 3:56 P

You can. Just go to their Sparkpage. It shows "member since."

(First line under the "Profile" section on the right)

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4/18/13 3:51 P

For me, It would help to know how long someone has been a member so that I can get support from those that have been here a while and find common those who joined when I did to find that common ground and learn together! What about you?

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