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10/22/13 11:08 A

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I have been working out at a certified gym and I get some sore back from swings (especially the days I am doing 8 sets of 10). I mentioned this to may trainer and I used a roller on my back that day. It really helped out. Also, in talking with her, I am most likely getting pain because I am working my entire core and it isn't very strong.

I second the suggestion of finding a certified trainer. It may be expensive, but they will correct your form, make sure you are doing them right, be available for questions, be able to modify exercises if needed, etc.

I don't think kettlebells are any more dangerous than other exercises, though, as someone implied. If you do not use the proper form in anything, your are opening yourself up for injury.

KKIDDO Posts: 48
10/22/13 10:24 A

Hi...see this is what I"m not sure about. The instructor on the dvd did a great job of explaining the flat back, abs contracted, etc, but I think that I sometimes can go in and out of proper form, if that makes sense?

Anyhow, I think I am going to try ice, stretches, etc for the next two days and see what happens. I'm just upset because my physical therapist (for my hip) never wanted me to do kettlebells, but I really enjoy the workouts I get with them.

KKIDDO Posts: 48
10/22/13 10:15 A

Hi, I don't recall feeling any pain during the workout except once and it wasn't so much painful as just pressure. I've noticed my back is tight and sore. Yesterday I felt a more centralized, pointed pain. What is the difference between DOMS and injury pain?

Oh, and you know what? I never do a cool down after my kettlebell workout. I know. I know. I would just slowly walk around my house and then go jump in the shower. That could be contributing to this as well.

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10/22/13 10:11 A


" I mean, look at the workout; throwing around big weights, how can someone not eventually get hurt."


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10/22/13 9:34 A

I am not a fan of kettlebell workouts, it is WAY to easy to injure oneself. I mean, look at the workout; throwing around big weights, how can someone not eventually get hurt. My advice, heating pad, ibuprofen and a different workout.

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
10/22/13 9:28 A

My understanding is that it is very easy to injure yourself with Kettle bells if you don't have the correct form. I like to do strength training at home and so I avoid the kettle bells.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
10/21/13 3:16 P

KKIDDO, look up on the internet about Meet-up groups. There is one in my area that deals with all kinds of different exercises. They don't normally meet in a gym.
And i have found that most are free. The kettlebell team in my hometown is run by a fitness instructor. they have met at churches or in one of the members basements.

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10/21/13 12:03 P

What kind of pain? The reason I ask is when I return to kettlebells after time off from doing them--especially swings. I do tend to get DOMS in my lower back. It is really just like any other sore muscles from exercise and goes away after a couple days. It is just like if I don't do deadlifts for a while I get DOMS in my hamstrings when I add them back into my routine . I am not sure I noticed this specifically with any other exercises though. But the low back DOMS do feel very different than injury pain--I feel just fine during the workout and the next day the pain appears then it goes away and I feel fine again. I can get DOMS in the glutes and hamstrings too from Swings but it just depends what exercises I was recently doing--maybe it is a sign I neglect my low back when not doing swings. I do regularly do planks but maybe I need to look at other core work.

KKIDDO Posts: 48
10/21/13 11:49 A

Hi. Thank you. I am trying to think of where I can find classes in my area. Maybe I can ask a trainer to train me privately a few times because I don't live near a gym or attend one. Thank you for the advice. I don't want to hurt myself!

KKIDDO Posts: 48
10/21/13 11:48 A

Hi. I think you may be right about the flat back. That's what I kept hoping I was getting right. I really enjoy the exercises and hope I don't have to stop doing them. I'll have to see where I can find an instructor near my area.

Regarding your second point, I was wondering about that. I guess I was just nervous because I've never felt any back pain while standing. I think I just panicked. Do you think I should try some heat too?

Thank you for your advice!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,903
10/21/13 11:43 A

I think you've gotten some great advice already. I just wanted to add that kettlebells are one of those kinds of workouts with a high risk of injury if you don't know how to do the exercises correctly. I would recommend taking a class from a certified instructor at least a few times before trying videos on your own.

Coach Jen

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10/21/13 11:41 A

1. check your form. Very few people understand how to keep a flat back and that the proper breathing doing kettlebells will protect your back. I didn't understand how to keep a flat back until I did my personal training certifications.

2. That said, I remember when I used to teach group fitness, after doing an exercise for the lower back (extensions) people would come up and complain of "back pain". If you did a killer leg workout and your legs were sore, you wouldn't think there was a problem, right? well a lot of kettlebell moves work the muscles of the lower back. Be sure to distinguish between 'soreness' and 'pain'.

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10/21/13 11:04 A

Regular doctors often don't do much for back pain except toss medication at you. A sports doctor or physical therapist is a better option. And a good personal trainer can check your form on the exercises.

In the mean time, you could try this lower back stretch:

KKIDDO Posts: 48
10/21/13 10:28 A

About a month ago I started doing an introductory kettlebell workout about three times a week. I thought I was following the correct form. However, I noticed last week that my lower back feels very tight and sore. I noticed it when I leaned over that it's tight and sore. Well, this morning was the worst back pain I've experienced. My back was hurting while I was standing still on the train.

Has anyone ever encountered this? Should I go to the doctor?

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