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When the time comes, bring your concerns to the health professional you choose to work with. They should be able to guide you in gaining "just enough" to ensure the health of your child. Your childs health--not your weight-- will be your priority!! Ask for a referral to a dietician if you think it will help--they are really great at what they do!

You have proved to yourself that You Can Do It when it comes to weight You Can Do It Again if you have to. Exercise and a proper diet will keep you fit during your pregnancy, and help you easily lose anything you need to after birth.

I hope this is a wonderful time in your life! Don't let fear keep you from it, or make it stressful.

PS--Welcome to Spark--it looks like you are new here! If you search the Message Boards, or the general Search function, there might be some great resources for fitness during pregnancy, etc!!

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Good luck!

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In the past year and a half I've manage to drop roughly 80lbs. My husband and myself are hoping to start trying for a baby very soon and I'm SO nervous about gaining it all back in pregnancy.

Has anyone lost a bunch, and was able to keep it to a regular or minimum weight gain during pregnancy?

Any input is appreciated.

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