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10/14/12 2:09 A

The types of exercise that are going to burn the most calories in a day are also the most intense; which means they are generally not for unsupervised beginners. I think most people here would encourage you to get a physical before starting any exercise routine, let alone an intense one.

So, Step 1: Get a checkup.

Step 2: Did you get your checkup?

Ok, so like the previous poster has said, High Intensity Interval Training is the most efficient way to burn calories. You can kick it up a notch by utilizing what is called Peripheral Heart Action. That is a fancy way of saying you alternate between an upper body exercise and a lower body exercise. This forces your heart to shuttle blood from the muscles in the lower portion of your body to the muscles in the upper portion of your body every other set.

So, as an example of something you can do at home:

15 seconds of jump rope as fast as you can
30 seconds slow jump rope
15 seconds of overhead presses [military presses] with dumbells as fast as you can [light to med weight]
30 seconds slow overhead presses
15 seconds of jump rope as fast as you can
30 seconds slow jump rope
15 seconds of pushups as fast as you can
30 seconds slow pushups

You can of course substitute bodyweight squats of lunges for lower body, and any other exercise you can think of for upper body. Keep in mind it is more effective with the larger muscle groups like chest or back when picking an upper body exercise.

I would start off with 3 rounds of this and see how you feel. As you get more fit, add rounds.

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Going to the extremes often backfires. Why do you want to do the exercise that burns the most calories?
- Burning a lot of calories at once makes the control of caloric intake difficult, often it causes overeating, and will cause fatigue. Nobody would want to live in a state of fatigue.
- Can you do everyday, or even every other day, the same exercise? No. Most people have a few exercises that they switch to once they get bored of one, and none of them really burns the most calories or the second most calories or the third most calories etc.
- Fat loss takes a long time. You might as well find a few exercises that you would enjoy doing over the course of that time without getting bored or frustrated.

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I would suggest Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, then when you complete that, her Ripped in 30 DVD.

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10/12/12 9:20 A

Jump rope is supposed to be a really good calorie burner, you can do it anywhere, and it gets results with a very short workout. If you do advanced jump rope like double unders you get your heart rate way up.

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10/12/12 7:37 A

The exercise that burns the most calories is of course the one you do regularly.

So rather than picking the most intense exercise, pick one that you actually enjoy, as you are more likely to keep doing it.

Many people find various dance DVD's a great home workout that they positively enjoy.

Personally, I find step-ups a great at-home exercise when weather prevents me from exercising outside.


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10/11/12 8:41 P

Thanks coach Nancy for the information, think I'm going to definitely keep that in mind

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10/11/12 8:05 P


High intensity interval training torches a lot of calories in a short period of time, however you may want to ease into these workouts as they can leave you more vulnerable to injury. Remember this journey is one you will be on for a lifetime so when you find your passion in what you do, you are more likely to stick with your program regardless of how many calories you are burning.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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10/11/12 7:48 P

What is the best exercise to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time? It has to be an indoor exercise. Help please

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