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4/22/13 3:29 P

When I workout I know it is not a fashion show, so my shirts are my old t-shirts that I have cut up. I use to cut them into tank top types but to me it is annoying to have one of the straps fall down while working out. So now I cut them basically like a muscle shirt also (Cut the collar off and then the sleeves). As I wear them and wash them, the strap will wear down and go from a muscle shirt style to a tank top style, when the strap starts falling during a workout though is when it gets retired to the rag

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4/19/13 8:23 A


Good call. I use these exclusively. I am a small man but they also give you better feel when you are sweating also.

4/17/13 3:05 P

Have him switch to muscle shirts like these:

WAY more comfortable and no nippage showing.

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4/17/13 11:50 A

Let me preface this by saying, no, I am not a man, but I need a man's advice on something.

My husband has a 46" chest, and he has a hard time finding tank tops that are wide enough to be comfortable while he's at the gym working out. The undershirt style tanks are what he is wearing now are a 3X, and they are nowhere near wide enough. He says he gets tired of pulling the sides of the tank top to cover his nipples up. I'm not sure why that is a legit complaint for a man, but I am asking this for him. Any suggestions?

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