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You might find that a barre routine works for you. They look simple, but are deceptively difficult. As a general rule, they are low impact and don't involve rapid or twisting motions. Most also have "modifiers" that show the same movements performed by people who don't have the strength and flexibility to fully extend the movements.

You don't need to buy any equipment. There are many DVD's that use the back of a chair instead of an actual ballet barre. To see clips of several barre DVD's -- you can go to and simply do a search using the word barre. They have short clips of several to help you decide if it is something you want to try. I have Tracey Mallet's "Booty Barre: Beginners and Beyond" and like it. Again, I remind you that these workouts are much harder than they look. It takes a lot of muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina to lift your leg that high, do repeated little pulses of strength movements, etc.

Many require NO dance experience, dance talent or natural grace (fortunately for me).

Good luck.

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Have you had your doctor check your knees ? If not, you should. Depending on what's wrong with your knees, continued exercise could make any pain you're feeling worse.

What type of shoe do you where when you workout ? wearing the wrong shoes when exercising can cause a number of different problems with a person's feet, ankles, knees and hip joints. So, if you're not wearing good workout shoes, you might find wearing good shoes helps with the knees.

Do you do the jumping jacks as part of the 30 Day shred ? High impact exercises like jumping jacks can cause knee problems. instead of doing any jumping jacks, you might just jog lightly in place.

What DVDs are low impact ? Richard Simmons has a number of low impact DVD workouts. You might try Zumba too. Do you like to dance ? If so, you might like Zumba. That's a low impact latin dance type workout. And they also have something called Zumba Gold. Not that you are old, because I'm in your age group. BUT if you have problems with your knees, you need to look at low impact types of exercise. Zumba Gold is low impact and a slightly slower pace than regular Zumba.

Belly dancing is another great low impact workout that's fun.

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I've been using dvds to work out at home for over a year and really like it, but it's getting to the point where Jillian Michaels (who I love) and the like are starting to bother my knees quite a bit. At 48 I feel like I do pretty well keeping up but I'm wondering if maybe I should looking for something a little less intense? I love Paul Katami for kettlebell and Jillian's Ripped in 30, and I use Leslie Sansome 5 mile walk on my off days. Any suggestions for something a little easier on the knees or would I be better off sticking with what I like but maybe modifying the moves that hurt? Would love some new ideas!

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