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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,903
8/17/14 5:22 P

The golfing would assuming you're continuously moving. Since you're not moving for that entire 3 hours (you stop to hit the ball, etc.), then I wouldn't count the whole amount of time.

Coach Jen

8/17/14 2:50 P

Yes, I am tracking everything on my app. It gives me a range from 1200-1550. I thought 800 was a lot for golfing as well but that is what my spark people exercise tracker said as well as other sites I looked at. It was a good 3+ hours of golfing. I went for a long brisk walk (about 3.5mph) and my app said I burned just over 300 calories. I'm so confused :(

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,903
8/17/14 2:09 P

Are you tracking your exercise and food intake on SparkPeople? When you enter your exercise, what calorie range does the program give you? 1200 calories sounds too low based on your activity level, but the calories burned estimates you're getting sound pretty high. It would be nice if you could burn 800 calories playing golf, but my guess is that you're actually burning a lot less than that :)

It sounds like you've got the strength training covered with your personal training sessions, so maybe you could add an additional cardio workout for 20-30 minutes once or twice a week.

Coach Jen

DARCYBLUE Posts: 300
8/17/14 1:54 P

emoticon 1200 calories is just the minimum for a sedentary person. You need to eat back some of your calorie burn . what calorie range did spark give you? Maybe stay in the mid-range d. This is a lifestyle change so eating one cookie shouldn't harm you.maybe out side your personal training try some walking since you already doing intense training hope this help some

8/17/14 10:22 A

Hello SparkPeople,

I have some questions that I really need answered. All this confusion makes it really hard to know if i'm on the right track or not.

Last week, I hired a personal trainer. I went this route so he could help me to get started on my weight loss/tone up journey. He's great and totally kicks my butt in our sessions. We do circuit training which is about 650 calories burned, or so my tracker tells me. I have 2 sessions with him a week, plus I do 1 fitness kickboxing class. On the weekend, my husband and I do a round of golf which is about 800 calories burned. So i'm working out at least 4 times a week.

I'm consuming between 1200-1300 calories a day (closer to 1200. Yesterday I ate 1220. I wanted a cookie). I do not add the calories burned back into my daily allotment. I am eating things like Chicken, fish, eggs, A LOT of veggies, fruit, etc. Pretty healthy food with the exception of a tiny treat here and there.

So here are my questions....

1)Am I working out enough?
2)Am I eating enough calories or should I be eating some calories back?
3)I asked my trainer if he could suggest any exercise I could be doing in between my sessions with him and kickboxing and his answer was, "I could, but people wont do them." What should I be doing in between my intense workouts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated but if you could keep it as simple as possible that would be great because I have no idea what i'm doing. lol. My goal is to be down to 120lbs by May of 2015 and to be toned and healthy.

Thanks in advance.

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