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DARLEY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,546
9/25/12 11:53 P

I love getting workout out DVDs at the library.
The library I go to usually has the Walk Away the Pound DVDs. I love those because I can do them at home while my step son is napping.
It also lets you try out things before you buy :)

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
9/25/12 5:19 P

Our library lets you keep dvds only a week--I can't learn the blasted routines that fast, so I amass a few overdue fines--still cheaper than buying the ones I decide aren't for me.

LAURAAT Posts: 1,506
9/25/12 3:50 P

Netflix is also a great resource, if you have it. I can get 2 DVDs/week if I schedule things right, so that means one weekday one for me to workout with, and one weekend one for hubby and I to watch.

JPATENAUDE1215 Posts: 1,133
9/25/12 3:29 P

Great idea! I never gave this a thought.

MAGGIEMURPHY4 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/25/12 2:41 P

I am not a DVD exerciser...but I have recommended using the library as a source for exercise DVDs on this board. I think it is a great way shake things up a bit and change workouts and keep them interesting. I use the gym and there is enough equipment there to keep things interesting and challenging. If I am bored it is too hard to stay motivated.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
9/25/12 1:52 P

I love using the library for this reason. It's not free for me, but it's only $.75 a video for a week. When I get in a rut or want to shake things up, the library is my go to! I'm so glad you found it. It's also great for trying new things out before spending $10 on a DVD at the store. Have fun playing with new things!

KSCHRAUT SparkPoints: (0)
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9/25/12 12:45 P

I was doing some mindless searching on Spark this morning and found a 30 day fitness idea calendar. Day one was to pop in a fitness DVD and it mentioned getting them at a library to save money. I knew my library had DVDs, but it didn't really dawn on me that they may have fitness ones, too!

So I checked their catalog, and sure enough, they have some! I'm beyond excited about this because now I can change my workout routine every time the DVD is due back!

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