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I'm going to guess that's quite an overestimate. When walking on regular ground (without machine assistance) you can go safely with about 100 calories per mile. Walking 4 miles would be 400 calories, give or take. Since this is a lower impact exercise, and would consequently burn less calories, I'm going to guess that saying 125 calories per mile is a bit overly ambitious a statement. Exercise machines can overestimate as much as 30%!

Why not invest in a heart rate monitor with a chest strap? That would be the easiest way to get a good estimate of your expenditure.

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I won't get into pros and cons of the Gazelle. I have two bad knees and this is low impact and works great for me. I am down 48# from my heaviest weight and 30# of that has been this past year. First of all, I own The Gazelle Edge, just bells and whistles. When it is working right it keeps track of speed, distance, time and calories burned. When I first worked out on one years ago I did a mile in 12 min. Over the years I have slowed down. Right before the computer fizzled out I was walking a mile in 18-20 min. When I joined Spark last year I started working out on a regular basis. My problem is the "computer" doesn't keep accurate measurements. The only thing that is close to accurate is the time it takes. When I first worked out it would say I was burning approx. 125 calories for walking a mile. So now I am wondering how close that is to being right. Since the speed and distance is wrong...I just walk 20 min. and call it 1 mile. I walk 4 miles a day and thought if I am walking 28 miles a week that is 3500 calories. 125 x 28 = 3500 (This is to burn off 1# a week by walking)

BUT, how close are the calories? ANYONE KNOW???? Fatburn website says 152 calories for 160# person. I received an e-mail from someone from the company that says 85. That's a difference of 67. That doesn't sound right at all. If that is the case I will have to walk close to 6 miles a day. 85 x 42 miles = 3570 calories .....but according to Fatburn website I would only have to walk 23 miles x152 = 3496 calories

Thanks for listening

Note: I reset my goals 3 weeks ago and since then only have lost 1#

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