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6/4/14 11:12 P

Thank you everyone I have an appointment on Friday with my pcp Its a followup for the meds I started. I hope Zumba and Piloxing is in my future again.

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6/3/14 10:02 P

I definitely agree seeing a doctor, perhaps an orthopedic surgeon for not only something like an MRI, but, also, a second opinion. You might have an underlying problem that needs proper diagnosing from a specialist.

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Your knees shouldn't hurt from normal exercise. I would see a doctor that specializes in sports medicine. They have usually had additional training specific to athletes. First step is usually an MRI to check for damage, then physical therapy. I had this done my first year of college and they found some arthritis in my knees from figure skating. After a summer of physical therapy, I could do most things without any pain. Now with strength training, I'm almost to 100% on a good day, still can't ride a bike though.

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I have bad knees. When I take yoga, there are some poses I just can not do. I have to make pose modifications.

Did you feel the pain during certain poses ? If so, then you should ask your instructor for a modification. If you're like me, there are probably exercises you can do and some you can't. Work with the ones you can do and don't worry about the ones you can't.

Also, when you take spinning, have your instructor take a look at how your bike is set up. If your bike is not properly set up for your height and leg length, that WILL cause problems with your knees if your seat isn't in the right position. So, if you've never had an instructor check your bike set up, get to class early to have them look.

Your knees should feel better if the bike is properly set up.

Zumba can be rough on a person's knees because of the movements. In which case, like yoga, make modifications. If a move doesn't feel right, do something else.

AND... I would get a second opinion on your knees. If you're working with a PCP, then you need to work with a specialist to see what's really going on. Talk to your doctor to get a referral.

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6/3/14 10:07 A

Ive done cycling, zumba and just did piloxing for the 1st time yesterday I absolutely love these classes but my knees do not =( I had pain when I was 130 pounds 5 years ago so much so I had to stop the classes all together. I spoke with my dr about this multiple times in the last few years, finally he gave me an rx for Miloxocam (sp?). Swelling, throbbing, tenderness. It is not working Im only 31 but have had knee pain for over 5 years. Anyone else have this issue? Any resolutions?

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