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11/11/12 4:48 P

"If he gives me the ok, what kinds of workouts do you recommend?"

Whatever workouts the doctor says you can do!

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11/11/12 4:42 P

As far as maintaining a healthy lifestyle...well, eat real, good, homemade food. Get plenty of liquids as well as vegetables and protein. Don't be afraid to be at the top of your calorie range for a week or two. Rest as much as you can.

Good post-surgery foods include things like yogurt, apple sauce, low fat puddings, custard, chicken vegetable soup, etc. Pain killers will dull your appetite. If you are on narcotics for any period of time, that can cause constipation. Your doctor may suggest taking something like docusate sodium (Colase). It's something you can get inexpensively OTC.

There really isn't much choice but to take things easy for a while. You need to do that in order to heal.

If it makes you feel better, I really didn't gain weight with either surgery even though my exercise was very restricted for 6 weeks after both.

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11/11/12 4:34 P

Ask your doctor how many weeks until you can get back to each of your regular activities. I always ask specifically about the particular activities that I do--walking, swimming, and Zumba. Usually it's 2-3 weeks before you should get back in the pool and 4-6 weeks before you can get back to something very high impact, but of course it depends on the specific surgery.

It's pretty standard that you will be told how much you can lift or if there are any restrictions on daily activities. If they don't mention it, ASK.

Good luck with your surgery. I've had two major surgeries since I started losing weight and I find it so hard to sit on my hands and wait to get back to the gym.

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11/11/12 1:07 P

You really need to ask your doctor that. Not just "can I work out", but also "what can I do".

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11/11/12 8:26 A

I am having oral and neck surgery on Wednesday and I will be on "recovery leave" from work for about two weeks after that. I don't want to stop working out after that but to be safe I'll check with my doctor first to see if it is safe. If he gives me the ok, what kinds of workouts do you recommend? Has anyone been through this? and what was you experience with maintaining a healthy lifestyle during this period?

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