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While others may have done so, PLEASE check with your blood donation center to see what their guidelines are.

Coach Nancy

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2/8/12 7:10 P

I'm a regular platelet donor (every other Wednesday!) and working out before is fine. Just make sure you don't skip meals before your appointment and stay hydrated.

The problem with working out *after* is that you may experience dizziness or weakness, it's best to give your body a day to heal. You also wouldn't want to "spring a leak" - reopen your puncture site. emoticon

So work out early on Friday and enjoy it! Take it easy after. And don't forget the cookies and juice! That's why we all donate, right? emoticon

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2/8/12 6:17 P


I would not recommend that you do any strenuous activity as your blood plasma levels may be low as well as more viscous due to dehydration, not to mention the effect this may have on your electrolyte levels.

Some experts say that it is OK to do light to moderate activity, however, I would recommend that you contact the blood donation center and see what their guidelines are.

Remember, this is a life-long journey we are on, so if you can't workout on Friday, you will have plenty of opportunities in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Good for you for doing what many of us should.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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2/8/12 6:15 P


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As long as you're not doing strength training for your arms or still bleeding in the pool (safety for you and others even if it's chlorinated) you should be fine.

I'd worry more about cleaning my arm! Just be sure to eat some protien!

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2/8/12 4:18 P

It should be fine, just don't wear yourself completely out; and make sure to eat before your workout so you're not famished while giving blood.

Good job for giving!!

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2/8/12 4:17 P

Last time I gave blood I had worked out earlier in the day. I just made sure I had a few hours to refuel... A good sized meal and lots of water!!

2/8/12 4:15 P

I give blood on Friday and I know it's not the smartest choice to work out after. But wondering about before. I want to swim before I go to my appt. Smart idea, or no? Not sure if I should.

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