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11/27/12 3:11 P

I work 7pm-7am -- here is a breakdown of my day so maybe it can help you?

2:00 - Breakfast
5-6 - workout
7 - start work and have small post workout snack
900 - "lunch" which is actually my largest meal of the day
1200 - small snack
0300 - "dinner" which is actually my smaller meal
800 - bed

I hope this helps. It has worked for me quite well.

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11/27/12 2:30 P

Who told you you're not supposed to eat after 7pm? Ignore the articles that say that. There's no actual reason for not eating after 6pm. Your body doesn't know what time it is, and it burns calories the same way no matter what time it is. The only people who shouldn't eat late are people who suffer from acid reflux/heartburn, and laying down too soon after eating can cause it to flare up. I regularly eat dinner after 8pm and it hasn't affected me negatively whatsoever. Plus, considering you're awake from 6pm-6am, that definitely means you can eat. Just eat your meals like you would normally during a day shift, just the times are reversed.

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11/27/12 2:23 P

I know when you lose weight you are not supposed to eat after 7 pm and I have an inactive job sitting in front of a computer. so my question is How do I fit a meal in while I am working without gaining the lbs. I have started taking the time to exercise more during the time of work however I find that I am getting hungary while at work. It is so strange at times because I actually smell food cooking when there is no food cooking anywhere around. Any suggestions? it would be greatly appreciated.

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