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4/5/13 1:10 P

Yeah, I did try to work out through soreness... Now my legs are hurting even more. A very sore weekend is in sight... I don't regret it though, I had to do it today.

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4/4/13 10:15 P

You should consider working a different muscle group-although anything you do is going to target your core as well (just through general tightening), it will give your muscles a little time to recover.

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4/4/13 9:55 P


While it's OK to do some light exercise when you are sore, I want to clarify a matter--the muscle soreness you are experiencing is not caused from lactic acid--that dissipates very quickly from the body, but from microtrauma to the muscles. It is when these microtrauma tears heal that you gain muscle strength and endurance. But you need to listen to your body--remember it is during your rest/recovery phase that your body makes the adaptation to exercise--so never underestimate the power of recovery.

Coach Nancy

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4/4/13 8:15 P

That's awesome, MLAN. I didn't know that. I will keep up my usual workout schedule then.



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4/4/13 8:12 P

As long as it's just general muscle soreness, and not, say, an injury, than exercise through soreness due to previous exercise actually helps break up the lactic acid. In other words, it could help you feel less sore.

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4/4/13 7:42 P

Okay so I did the Turbo Jam Ab Jam Tuesday evening. I hadn't realized how out of shape I was until I got to the floor portion of the workout. Dang my abs are weak! Here I am two days later and I could barely lift myself out of the bed!

Today's another Ab Jam day and I don't want to skip it, because I make a habit of skipping workouts if I skip one.

I just wanted to know if it's dangerous to work out through muscle soreness.

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