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8/21/12 7:33 P

I myself have had this happen...My husBAND and I were married for less than a year and I didnt have sex drive at all....I felt like a failure since I wanted to have sex with my spouse but wasn't ever in the evenutally dissappeard and has never returned

6/25/12 2:22 P

you can only give so much.. age, responsibilities, and need for sleep. dont worry it happens to the best of us lol

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6/22/12 9:52 A

I have been dealing with a diminshed drive since I was pregnant with my son. It has been hard for me to deal with as I never had any issues before. I think it is just hard to balance everything.

5/26/12 7:37 P

I've been working 7 days a week for a while and I've still got a while to go. It isn't easy and I've certainly had to stay focused and make sure I put aside time to spend with my son.

I know what you mean about sex drive. It's difficult to have a sex drive when it takes all you've got to keep going and taking care of business.

This won't last forever and then you will probably get right back to normal. Hang in there.


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5/26/12 2:06 P

From May til August, I'm working 7 days a week and come home fairly exhausted. I've been working out a fair amount as well, but this leaves very little time for family/friends. I also used to have a very high sex drive, but now find myself too tired, which is a very strange phenomenon for me. Any advice? (It'd be much appreciated!)

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