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1/19/12 6:43 P

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We all go through the boredom and lack of motivation to continue this journey. You're doing great by still finding time to make your lunch break productive. Walking the stairs is some of the best exercise. Try to increase the stairs to five times.

You have a great DVD collection, either wake up in the morning after a few weeks it will be habit or pop in a DVD as soon as you get home. Rotate your DVDs to eliminate boredom. After 30 days of consistenly working out then reward yourself with a new DVD.


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1/19/12 6:09 P

Everyone has a few tough months when they are in this long term. Do you have a buddy who could come round and work-out with you - might break up the boredom of going a dvd on your own? Sometimes I set my self a little program or resistance exercises and then time it. Trying to beat my last time gives it a bit of a boost. Or is there a local pool where you could swim indoors in the warm for a change? The important bit is to not give up!!! You are to important to let boredom get in your way! emoticon

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1/19/12 5:48 P

It will warm up again. Just put the most you can into doing videos until you can go walk again.

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1/19/12 5:33 P

i agree keep at it, what I do is I do a different one every day when I run out of dvd's I start again

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1/19/12 1:46 P

I sure can relate to that. But hang in there I will be routing for you. GO-GO-GO. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/19/12 1:38 P

Hello Everyone ...
This week I only did my speed walking once for 30 min ...although I wear my pedometer daily the weather has gotten cold and today windy and snowy ....I used to be able to get up early in the morning and do a dvd but I cannot seem to get up lunch hour is my work out time...
Today since I couldnt go out I went up and down the stairs 2x I did squats and lunges ...walked up and down the hall way ...and I am planning on doing the Sparkpeople sitting cardio at my desk ...I just feel I am not doing enough and I want to see a difference....
I have all kids of dvd ..frm tae bo to walking off the pounds to the firm and julian micheals shread biggest loser ...but I am bored of them I guess I will have to suck it up and do those videos in the morning again because I dont have another choice...

I know I sound like I am whining but I am really trying . Any suggestions.

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