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11/10/12 10:33 P

In theory, it should be possible to choose sedentary life style and add the work calories. But the problem is, because of doing the job over and over every day for many many months, the body gets extremely efficient at it. So it actually burns a fraction of what the same person doing the same job but not so frequently would burn. This is the "being too used to" effect. So although you should somehow account for your active life style, tracking the work activity as exercise would be wrong.

The same effect happens to regular exercise too. If you keep doing the same exercise at the same intensity for a long time, although in the beginning it helps you burn significant calories, over time, the calories burned drops, and because of that many people get their fat loss slow down or even stop. That is why increasing the intensity or duration or changing the exercise is recommended to keep burning significant amount of calories.

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SparkPeople's program already factors in an active daily living multiplier which includes activities like this, so tracking things like cleaning may hyper-inflate your calories expended figure which may lead to a higher calorie range which may slow your progress over time.

Coach Nancy

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ABSOLUTELY! If you go to what they call a BMR calculator, you can either select "lightly active" due to your job, or "sedentary" and then see roughly how many calories cleaning burns, and then add those calories to the calories you burn during the day. Cleaning burns a lot. I had a step mom who had her own cleaning business and she was always fit.

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Below is a link to the Ask the Experts response to this question, that may help. I do caution members that while you are burning more calories with this type of job, unless you are elevating your heart rate between 60-85% of your max heart rate and sustaining it for 10 minutes (for those new to exercising) to 20 minutes (for those who are active), you probably should not track this in your cardio fitness tracker.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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I have been working at my current job for almost six months and I work as a cleaner. I am constantly moving but I get tired quicker since I have gained some weight. I want to lost the weight again. Well the question is although I have been working at this job for six months and have not been eating right, can I use this job as exercise if I start eating right? If so for how long?

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