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9/19/12 8:13 P

Congratulations! That is awesome! That feeling you have when you are able to pass up food that you love for a better life is an amazing feeling. Keep up the great work!

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9/19/12 7:24 P

Nice Job!!! We have a class that we teach at work every third Wednesday(today). In the back room of my office, we have a table full of junk food. Mini pecan pies, cookies, soda... et al. So far, I have had a sugar free Hawaiian Punch packet in a bottle of water, and my lunch that I packed last night. I really dont even crave the junk back there. It really is true that the longer you go without the sweets the less you want them.

9/19/12 5:15 P

Congratulations! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Doesn't it make you feel powerful and in control? Isn't that a wonderful feeling? I'm so happy for you. You deserve to feel like Wonder Woman! Keep up the good work! Look how far you've come - congratulations for you +50 pound weight loss too! emoticon emoticon

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9/19/12 5:02 P

I work for a very large company and today there was a potluck that included the entire HR department. Needless to say, there were tons of temptations - including an entire table covered with delicious looking desserts. I filled up my plate with salad and other healthy options, skipping over the chips and all the high-fat food. I told myself that if after eating my plate of healthy food I wanted to choose one dessert as a treat, I could do that. Turns out after I was done eating I wasn't even craving the sweets and was able to walk right by them. It felt fantastic! I normally have an insane sweet tooth but I've found the longer I stay away from sugar the less my body craves it.

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