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MISSARROW Posts: 186
9/3/10 11:09 A

Unident, that's brilliant. I buy men's t-shirt packs all the time, I don't know why I didn't think of their pants. I'm 5'10'' so I'll probably always be able to wear men's.

I'll check JC Penney (thanks for that tip!) and if I can't find any there, off to the men's section of Wal-Mart I go.

My mom suggested a fanny pack or small backpack but I don't need one extra thing to remember.

(I wouldn't object to paying $60 for a pair of pants if they were union-made, but alas, Nike and Reebok crap is made by 9 year olds so I don't think so.)

TWOBOYS3503 Posts: 1,810
9/3/10 10:40 A

JC Penney has a fitness apparel (I forgot the name of it) but that line has pockets.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,156)
Fitness Minutes: (300,953)
Posts: 27,418
9/3/10 10:32 A

It depends what style of pants you're wearing. It's true. Some fashionable workout pants do not have pockets because it "spoils" the look. However, there are brands of pants you can buy that do have pockets.

Now, if you don't want to wear the pants, you could buy the shirts. Many running tops come with a pocket in the back. Ditto cycling tops. They cost a bit extra, but if you want a pocket, they will have one.

Also, depending on your size, you could buy men's exercise pants. When I was overweight, I could wear mens pants. However, since losing the weight, I can't. That's why I go into the teens section. Teenage boy clothes fit me better than mens.

LONELYMOON86 Posts: 608
9/3/10 8:16 A

thanks for posting this! i had an awful time finding anything at all with pockets. i finally found some capris at Old Navy that are for yogo, they have pockets. but they're a big scoop pocket. For treadmill days I wanted long pants with pockets for my phone (for music), I can't remember where I ended up finding though.. I think a cheap store.

What I really want is shorts with pockets for running and I can't find them anywhere!! I need to carry my keys and phone. Ugh how can they not have any??

9/3/10 8:11 A

I want that too. I have been finding more tops and shorts with pockets, though. I like zippered pockets. I bought some exercise cargo pants in a capri length; those have pockets galore, and I wear them everywhere.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (201,834)
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9/3/10 7:46 A

Most running clothing comes with pockets. Alternatively, you could purchase something like a spibelt.

JDOUGLAS09 Posts: 38
9/3/10 7:25 A

I have some of those $60 ones, and come to think of it, they don't have pockets. I think that I have a Reebok pair from Dick's Sporting Goods that does have pockets, and I actually have some cheapy ones from Wal-Mart with pockets. If you can't find pockets, you could always get yourself a fanny pack (not so chic, I know, but functional) or a band you could wear on your arm to hold your phone.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/3/10 3:35 A

Why not buy men's? I mean seriously, they're pants. Unless you're looking for something specifically leg-hugging or something, there's not really that much difference, and most people would never be able to tell (if it's not logo-fest with known men's branding).

It doesn't stop with athletic stuff. As a corporate office worker, I frequently bemoan the lack of foresight in women's tidy casual clothing that does not have pockets!! I guess it's because we're expected to carry handbags around or something.

There are some out there - keep looking. Or just buy the men's.

MISSARROW Posts: 186
9/3/10 1:55 A

I had an epiphany today when I skidded on a hiking trail in the middle of nowhere. I'm considering the wisdom of taking my cell phone when I hit the trail.

However, for some reason athletic clothing manufacturers do not consider pockets necessary for women's fitness pants. (Men's fitness pants usually have pockets so far as I've noticed. Grr.)

I've looked at a couple of websites and I've only found a couple of women's pants with pockets, and they are like 60 dollars, which I consider excessive.

Anybody have a source for pocketed workout pants that don't break the bank?

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