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3/2/13 9:35 P

Unfortunately, I have been dealing with crisis with my DH for several years. I have learned there is nothing I can do to help him rather than be patient and distance myself from his negativity when it arises and you never know when that will happen. He is the one who has to do things to help himself. I don't mean to sound aloof as I tried everything I could think of, suggested doctors and counseling, communication, etc. but to no avail. I have had to come to the realization that our marriage is not what I thought it would be in our "golden years". We now live in the same house but very separate lives as I chose positive attitude and God in my life and he does not. My grown children don't even know what to make of this change in him. I wish you well in your situations as I know how hard it is. I will continue to be here for him and offer the support if and when he will take it but I will not drop to his level of contempt. I have managed to make it to a point to let go and let God. But there are times he still pushes my buttons. If anyone has made it to the other side of this ordeal and has any suggestions of help in dealing with it I am so open to hearing them. God bless us all who are going through this.

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3/2/13 8:29 P

My hubby said that he was going through his midlife crisis. Oh my goodness! I am a few years older than him and have not even thought of it. Everyone goes through something different so I do not know what so expect. I know he is eating on my last nerve!!!

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1/31/13 7:00 P

Are there any wives whose husbands are going through their mid-life crisis? Are there any survivors?

My life is full of stress because of this situation. But I absolutely need to lose weight and get healthy.

I would appreciate hearing from people in similar situations for encouragement and support.

Thank you!

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