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5/24/13 9:22 P

That's gotta be rough. Was your thyroid checked? Do you have any medications you're on that my be prohibiting weight loss? Aim for more 13-1400 cals a day instead

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5/24/13 12:24 P

At 5'3" I would find it impossible to lose any weight eating 2000 calories a day, to lose weight I must be very close to min calories which is 1200, I exercise about 500 min a week. Even if a doubled my exercise I would not lose a pound eating that much. Weight is 80% what you eat and only 20% exercise.
Exercise helps you lose inches and tighten your body. Currently I am maintaining my weight and to do that I must eat only 1200 calories 4 days a week.

Good Luck.

5/24/13 12:17 P

Thanks for the clarify, I don't have 2000 everyday, that's the max on special days (holidays, family gatherings, birthdays, etc). I stick to the recommended amount sparkpeople came up with of 1,400 - 1,750. I usually end up at about 1600 each day.

I'm lightly active each day, walking home from work, up and down 3 stories of stairs numerous times a day at work then coming home to chase & play with my 2 young boys.

I don't always enter everything into the computer, I keep to a simple pattern of Breakfast: 300 cals, Lunch: 400 cals and Supper: 700-800 cals and 100-200 cals for snacks. So I don't think my Sparkpage is very interesting.

What I'm frustrated about is that I'm actually having weight gain, I wouldn't even be as bothered if I just wasn't loosing, but to gain more seems crazy.

I've got a doctors appointment but it's not for another few weeks. When I've talked to her about it before it's unfortunately a conversation that goes "oh I have the problem too, frustrating isn't it. Just keep eating healthy."

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5/24/13 11:52 A


I am 5'4" and even in maintenance I gain weight if I consume more than 1500 calories a day even though I exercise at least an hour daily. 2000 calories sounds like it may be too many. To lose weight the amount you eat is at least 80% and it is great to exercise to lose weight but it is near impossible to lose weight if you do not lower your caloric intake.

Do not give up. Try making the calories you eat come from clean, unprocessed food. emoticon

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5/24/13 11:27 A

I think that people on sparkpeople can offer advice and help you when you're having troubles, and everyone is certainly here to encourage each other. I'm 5'5" and started at 185 lbs And, I truly believe you can lose the weight.

But, your post leaves a lot of questions. Have you been using sparkpeople for the entire 6 months you've been trying to lose weight and are you sticking to the calorie range they have given you? Are you exercising? Have you discussed your weight loss plan with your doctor? Two thousand calories seems like a lot, particularly if you don't have an active life style. If you made your spark page and meal calculator public, it could help the sparkpeople community help you.

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5/24/13 11:06 A

First, I think you should calculate your true BMR. Not going over 2000 calories a day doesn't mean that you are burning enough.

Depending on your age, you might be burning only about 1600 calories. (BMR) without adding activities.

I also highly recomend going to your doctor and getting tested for thyroid issues and etc. You could have that or a hormone issue that is causing these issues.

5/24/13 10:15 A

For years I have struggled with my weight (most of my life really) but I've reached a point that I'm going to loose my mind but apparently not the weight.

Despite never go over 2000 cals a day (5'4" & now 190lbs), I'm gaining weight. 10lbs in 2 months. Definitely not preggers (tubes tied 3 years ago), and I exercise daily. Haven't been able to loose anything in almost 6 months, and now i'm gaining, despite increasing my activity level w/ my new job. Before that, I'd have to fight like mad to loose 1 lb. With high risks of diabetes and high blood pressure in my family I HAVE to loose weight, but it seems like my body is saying "FAT CHANCE HUNNY"

Not sure what I'm asking, just frustrated beyond belief.

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