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1/27/13 2:02 P

Please do find a new doctor. You might have some luck going onto the Spark Group message board for your city or region and asking about good doctors, rather than about the medications.

And be aware that the product you bought is NOT the same thing as a natural thyroid supplement. What you bought is just powdered animal thyroid glands. Eating animal organs doesn't give you the function of that organ; if it did, diabetics could buy fresh sweetbreads for $7 a pound at the supermarket and be cured.(Or non-diabetics who ate sweetbreads would die of insulin shock.) If those supplements were expensive, take them back to the store and get your money refunded, because they're just dried meat. The other issue with an OTC supplement is that they don't have to standardize doses, so if it DID influence your hormone levels, you'd have no way to control how much. With OTC supplements, one tablet or capsule might have 10 times as much of the ingredient as another capsule from the same bottle.

Definitely see a new doctor, or if that's impossible, at least talk to a reliable pharmacist. They know the similarities and differences between prescription and OTC products.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/27/13 1:12 P

I will speak as a person that walks your path. I have battled with thyroid disease for the last 10 years and understand the weight control issues. Finding what works best for you related to diet and exercise really is an individual thing. What works for someone else might not work for you for a variety of reasons starting with the cause of the thyroid dysfunction.

I went to one our cities best endocrinologists when I was first diagnosed and because therapy after a partial thyroidectomy. I went to home routinely for five years, took by synthetic thyroid medication as prescribed (as you are with your Synthroid) and felt horrible. My doc said my TSH was perfect, my weight gain was definitely because of my eating and that I needed to do a better job. I informed him that I was a dietitian, ate well and within my diet range and was running half marathons. He continued to tell my my numbers were great and the rest was up to me.

I read information on the message boards here (be sure to check out the thyroid teams) and decided it was time to find a new endo that would listen to me and my body and seek to partner with me instead of beat up on me. I found someone that was willing to try natural thyroid replacement instead of the synthetic (I was on Armour first and now switched to Naturethroid which is slightly cheaper but easiler to split to meet my dose). I still battle with weight but in every other area -- my health has greatly improved.

I would encourage you to find a doc that will look at more than your TSH and will be open to letting you try other medication options instead of trying to do it on your own. There is a doc out there that is right for you, but you may have to do some research to find them. Many of the people on the thyroid sparkteams can help you blaze the trail.

Coach Tanya

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1/27/13 2:02 A

Hi Nannygoat: I am not a dr or a nurse. But, I have taken both but not at the same time. One or the other. I was more stable with the synthroid than the natural. I took natuethroid. I don't think I spelled that right. If you take the natural with the syntroid, you will go over what is recommended, and that is dangerous, can cause heart problems. If you want to take natural, if your dr. doesn't want you to have it, then go to a natropath, and do it that way. I couldnt take the generic of syntrhoid, felt better with that anything, but I think I got allergic to it after a month of taking it. All my symptoms went away, darn it.

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1/27/13 1:03 A

It is your choice, but first how serious is the Synthroid to your health, If its not serious then you could probably stop for a short time to test the Raw Thyroid and see how it works for you.
I am a risk taker and I would try it if nothing else was working.

I want to ask if you have tried the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract.
If not you should give it a shot I was having a really hard time with weight loss to
so I took the chance with the green coffee bean I loss 11 lbs before I came back here
now I am loosing at least a lb a day.

I Hope that helps...Good luck..


1/27/13 12:56 A

My son has an under active thyroid and I would not dream of him taking anything than what the doctor described. My husband is taking steroids for Polymialga and gain almost 20 lbs which his doctor didn't like he said he'd have a heart attack if he didn't loose. He told him not to go on a diet but to avoid processed foods, sugars, potatoes, enriched wheat and to stick with lots of vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains and brown rice. Avoid foods out of can or boxes because there are chemicals in them that are body doesn't no how to process so our metabolism goes out of whack. Guess what we followed his advice and he dropped 6 lbs in 2 weeks and is still loosing and I have lost over 10 lbs. It has definitely been an adjustment but it is working.

Please seek doctors advice before trying anything that might put your health at risk.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (587,377)
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1/27/13 12:01 A

Please talk to your doctor before taking anything else. That's the smart thing to do!!! Good luck and God bless you!!!

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1/26/13 11:56 P

Self treatment of medical conditions with over the counter the counter remedies isn't recommended.

If your current physician is unable to help you, you may benefit from a second opinion. Unfortunately, we here can't really advise you on medical conditions; we don't know your medical history or needs. You really need to call your doctor and pharmacists before taking any supplements or drugs when you're on prescription medications.

1/26/13 10:22 P

Other NON SPARK message boards I have been on have resulted in ZERO response. I'm depending on the good comments of SPARK and hope there is someone out there who can help me.

I see messages on the community feed dated 2010. I'm hoping someone can respond in this 2013.
I purchased Natural Sources Brand Raw Thyroid and I'm also on .75 Synthroid. I need to know if I should stop the synthroid while I'm trying out the Raw Thyroid....

Yes, Yes... I know I should consult my physician but she only looks at one number the past 10 years... my TSH.
I have been on every diet in existence. I have wonderful willpower. 99%of the tie I eat gluten free and Paleo. I no longer fear Fat.... I fear Bread and Wheat. Stop the Wheat... Acid Reflux disappeared! Joints felt better. More energy. Paleo Rocks! Also, I a on Weight Watchers which works nicely for Gluten Free and/or Paleo. TIRED OF WEIGHING 80 pound more than my perfect weight.

I can't seem to lose more than 5 pounds and then.... As I recall... I have put on 10 more pounds in the past year.... no 18. It seems I have Z-E-R-O metabolism. I'm 52 and TIRED and I know it's not because I overeat. It doesn't seem to matter WHAT I do from exercise to drinking water to high protein/lot carb to well... you get the picture... I can't seem to lose weight. It doesn't matter what I eat or drink or don't drink or eat!!!

I blame my thyroid which is why I purchased Raw Thyroid. But, I don't want to screw up my adrenal gland or destroy my thyroid by taking this pill AND synthoid at the same time.


This pill is 390mg and consists of: Thyroid Tissue, Adrenal Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Thymus Tissue, Spleen Tissue, White Korean Ginseng -- Appears to be Bovine.
This was a last ditch effort...

WILL THIS HELP ME? PLEASE!!! Someone respond to this post!!!!

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