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JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,461
1/21/13 7:27 P

It works!! Well, it works if you work!

I find that when I track my food and stay within my calorie range (right now my range is 1450-1800 calories a day, which should lead me to lose 1 pound a week), and I exercise 3-5 days a week, then I DO lose the weight! It really does work!


BRITOMART Posts: 8,247
1/21/13 1:26 P

Spark works because it's 'real life' doable (which 500-600 cal/day is not). it works because it's flexible. it works because it's a life style--you make it fit your life.

It's not an instant fix (nothing good in life is); on SP you are making good, healthy choices for your life, not just weight loss.

REDVELVET21 Posts: 1,833
1/21/13 12:08 P

Spark people works because you have support and you can rely on us at any time that you need to come in and talk, vent, share, however if its a tough week or not.

I have lost and gained. I gained because I left the system instead of staying I thought I had it down pack, but truth is when you follow by entering your weight losses and gains, planning your meals and exercising. You can do it! Don't compare your loss to anyone elses either that can be disappointing each of us are different. You are putting forth effort and trust me you will make it to your goal. It won't be overnight but you are closer today than you were yesterday.

IMASAGE06 SparkPoints: (20,447)
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1/21/13 11:47 A

It does work, you just have to trust and take a leap. Start at the high end of your calorie range to get adjusted to it, then if you aren't losing weight, move towards (gradually) the lower end of your range. Are you taking measurements in addition to weighing yourself? If not, you should be. Sometimes the scale doesn't move for a few weeks because you are building muscle and losing inches. Ask yourself if your exercise is enough? Sometimes when you've been dieting for a while and screwing around with your metabolism, it takes a while to get it stabilized again. Add more weight training to your routine and step up your cardo a bit. You WILL see results. It's a journey and every step you take and every choice you make brings you closer to your goal.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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1/21/13 11:33 A

It can take as much as 6-8 weeks for our healthy lifestyle changes to show up on t he scale, particularly when you start exercising. This is totally normal! But know this: You are changing, on a very molecular level. Your body is improving, and you are living healthier already.

Your friend is only hurting herself. Her weight loss will not be permanent, most likely. People who cut calories so deeply slow their metabolisms, and can actually cause permanent damage. It's very common for them to not only not keep it off, but gain back more because they've triggered their body's starvation protection systems.

Yes, Sparkpeople works. Look at my tracker. :)

1/21/13 11:00 A

They say weight loss is 80% in the kitchen, 20% in the gym. Yes, I religiously logged my calories and weighed and measured everything, and at first I went under the amount of calories Spark suggested, but now I stay in the range suggested. I started at 280 pounds, and they alloted me a LOT of calories at first. I decided to eat 1400-1700 calories a day, and I dropped weight very quickly at first, but of course I had a lot to lose. My weight loss has slowed (but has been probably healthier) as I get closer to my goal.

For exercise, I dusted off the treadmill in our basement and started walking on it a half hour a day, gradually increasing the speed and the incline. I also take a brisk walk for 15 minutes in the morning at work, and 15 minutes in the afternoon. I never used to take breaks at work, but that extra 30 minutes a day has made a big difference. I also take the stairs all the time and try to get in extra walking whenever possible.

Spark has been very good for me. The community support, the recipes, the information you learn as you go -- it's all good. I highly recommend it.

JLVKOOY Posts: 30
1/21/13 10:11 A

Thanks for your msg...
Did you just religously enter your nutrition in, stay within the range recommended? What about exercise? Thanks so much!

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1/21/13 8:28 A

"So....what I"m asking is for people to tell me, if they follow the Nutrition tracker and add in exercise 5 days a week....did you experience positive results?"

Yes! I've lost 90 pounds in 1 year. It works. It can be confusing at first, and I understand information overload, but take your time, do what it tells you to do, keep reaching out for help from other people, and you will succeed! The only people who don't succeed are those who give up.

BTW, if your girlfriend is really only eating 500-600 calories a day, that's extraordinarily unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

JLVKOOY Posts: 30
1/21/13 8:18 A

I have info overload! I just ended my expensive membership to weight watchers, 8 months and maybe 5 lbs, I have been journaling and exercising (honest time here about 3 times per week avg, some more some less) I tried sticking to ww and doing it "perfect", nada, I even gained. However, I have upped my exercise, doing workouts like Slim in 6, Power 90, and my treadmill for 40 min. Yet....nothing! I NEED help! I know this takes time, but I am surrounded by family and friends who are shrinking! the other thing is I want this to be something I can do forever...not quick fix. So....what I"m asking is for people to tell me, if they follow the Nutrition tracker and add in exercise 5 days a week....did you experience positive results? To say I am frustrated is an understatement!!!! I feel so down and I know that in order for this to happen I need to positive! Pleae please please send advice and help!!!!!!!

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