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9/19/11 9:09 P

I'd say as long as the peanut butter is in moderation (a.k.a. under your calories), and it's meeting your sweet tooth needs, keep it up! At least it has some alternate nutritional value, whereas the cereal would just be filler.

9/19/11 8:41 P

They only reason any type of food would sabotage your efforts would be if you couldn't moderate and ended up eating too much. No single food will make you lose weight, or keep you from doing so. Calories are calories. Some foods are simply more calorie- and nutrient-dense than others.

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9/19/11 8:39 P

Ive been doing pretty good lately and I've lost 10 pounds, but I still have an insane sweet tooth.

Lately I've been handling my sweet tooth with a (big) spoon full of peanut butter per day. Usually that does it. I get sick of peanut butter after a spoonful, and my sweet tooth is satisfied.

I've heard peanut butter is actually pretty good for you but do you think it's slowing down my weight loss?

Also, would a bowl of chocolatey or sweet (not SUPER sugary) cereal sabotage me as well?

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