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4/18/13 8:24 P

Soda makes my belly feel bloated and big. I try not to drink it for that reason. I don't know how it affects the scales but I don't like how it makes me feel bloated.

NIKKIKERN12 Posts: 766
4/18/13 7:37 P

There's going to be many opinions on both sides and honestly not sure if anyone really knows. I still drink them, some days one and some days none just depending on my mood. I just make sure I am drinking all my water and a drink an extra 12 oz on the days I do have them. I personally believe all things in moderation are fine, but that's just my opinion :)

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4/18/13 5:29 P

There's little scientific evidence that supports the idea that diet soda is going to make you fat. ;) Most research is strictly correlational (NOT causational)and doesn't describe WHY there's a link. I suspect it's more about behavior than chemistry.

As long as you are *limiting* your intake, it isn't going to cause you to gain weight by itself. Dietician Becky Hand (the SP registered dietician) has stated a number of times that they're fine in moderation. Moderation meaning "not the only thing you drink" of course. :)

You're only drinking two a day, and there's no reason to think that cutting them out is going to magically make you drop pounds.

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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
4/18/13 3:17 P

Anything addicting is sometimes tough to get off of.

Diet sodas have much sodium in them. They also have caffeine for Dew and the darker sodas (not root beer). There is a thought that consumption of fake sugars changes your body's chemistry so it cannot tell hunger from thirst and therefore you eat eat eat.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
4/18/13 12:55 P


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4/18/13 12:49 P

I'm not a soda person but I've read that artificial sweeteners in soda can fuel your appetite and thus make you eat more emoticon .

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/18/13 12:39 P

You will get a variety of opinions on this. Frankly I haven't done diet soda or any soda in over three years and have not missed it. Did it help me lose weight? Can't really say. But I know that I have not been pumping horrible chemicals in my system. I have read many places that to flush out one 12 oz can of pop, you need to drink 30 glasses of water. Never really that thirsty, so I think I will stick to my gallon of water.

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4/18/13 11:24 A

I know that not drinking regular soda is cutting calories, but I was wondering if anyone knows if not drinking diet soda will do anything for your waist line? Diet Dew is my one real vice and I only allow myself 2 a day and only at breakfast and lunch. I dont drink coffee ( I hate it) and I dont care for tea. Flavored water is ok, but I get sick of it. Any ideas if it is worth giving up?

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