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9/16/11 8:00 P

You can do it! Did you take any pictures from when you first tried it on? If so, put that somewhere you can see it every day and use that as motivation. I believe in you.

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9/16/11 7:51 P

Well I'm not a bride to be but I am a bridesmaid to be and I want to look fabulous in my dress. More importantly, I want to feel fabulous too. I was 238 pounds when I started a month ago and now I'm 232, so I'm feeling good about that. The wedding is on March 24 so that gives me plenty of time to lose some serious weight. I'm hoping to be down to 175 by then. Can't wait to get there and I'm having fun along the way.

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9/14/11 8:05 P

Thanks, it was a surprise cause we had gone away for the weekend and even though I tried to be consistent there were a lot of others trying to push me off course. Not intentionally.

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9/14/11 10:19 A

emoticon I am so glad your gown fit. Nice job on the weight loss too! emoticon

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9/11/11 10:15 A

My Dress Fit!!!!! I am so happy and give this site kudos for getting me there. The scale say 7lbs down in 2 weeks. Maybe by the time of my last fitting it will be to big. Won't mind spending money on alterations if it has to be taken in.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
9/5/11 7:34 P

Is your wedding On the 31st? Or is that your last dress fitting? Cause you really need to be fitting into the dress at the last fitting. That said though, anyone who gained weight since they first bought the dress should just shoot for the weight they were when they ordered the dress. It's too late to be trying to lose any more than that. You just have to do what you can now.

9/4/11 10:05 P

what's the date? I have 2 sizes to go by 12/31/11

9/4/11 10:01 P

wow, I need to drop 2 dress sizes too, by 12/31/11

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8/29/11 1:12 P

I bought my dress in December 2010 for my November 2011 wedding. It fit beautifully but now 8 mos later I couldn't get it to zip up. I am panicking since I only have 87 days to the wedding and need to loose at least 2 dress sizes 1 if I don't want to breath. I am hoping this site will help me be motivated to track and stick to the 1200 cals a day.

8/23/11 10:25 A

Altough this topic was started a long time ago, I still want to comment -

My dress is too small. It belongs to my sister. When I first tried it on, it was about 3 sizes too small, a month later it was about 2 sizes too small, I tried it on again this week, and it was only about a size too small (everything buttons and laces, just want to make it fit nicely now). Trying on the dress once a month has been very motivating for me - as I still have quite a few months before the BIG DAY, I'm hoping to stay motivated.

SORCHA89 Posts: 587
8/10/11 8:48 A

Let the motivation of your groom's face looking at you as you walk toward him be your motivator! You want him to be absolutely BLOWN away right??

Also, I think once your dress gets here/there/whatever that'll be a great motivator! HOWEVER, don't try it on, just don't, not yet anyway. Give yourself two really GREAT weeks of staying with your fitness and nutrition goals (hopefully to lose a little), THEN try your dress on. Try to keep your dress in a place that you can look at it everyday so that you can see your visual motivator. Look at how pretty it is, the feeling you got when you bought it, just focus on the MILLION positives rather than your ONE negative

Good Luck!

FRANKI666 Posts: 990
8/6/11 3:13 P

My dress arrived ages ago. I have put on 12lb since then... luckily mine just about fits... may need to lose a few pounds to be able to sit down without it splitting ... so yes.... im panicking!

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8/1/11 2:56 A

I have a wedding to attend to aswell. Advice i could give you is motivate yourself to wear that dress!!!! its YOUR day and NOTHING will ruin it for you. You have the strength to accomplish what you need. ;D

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
7/22/11 10:59 A

The other thing to remember too is that the dress fitting is more about inches than it is about lbs. If you've only added an inch on everywhere you could still be okay.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
7/22/11 10:55 A

When you go for your first fitting see if they can either let the dress out or order a bigger size. If you can order a bigger size, order the size for your largest measurement; it's always easier to get a dress taken in than it is to let it out. You can get alterations made to make the dress smaller for any weight you lose.

BRIE282 Posts: 4
7/20/11 5:18 P

I have not been on in a long while, unfortunately I let life get in the way. Did you get married yet ? How did you look ? How did you find the motivation ?

BRIE282 Posts: 4
8/31/10 6:48 P

I completely understand what your going through, I had lost 20 lbs at the end of 08' for my wedding and then i got laid off and gained it all back. It took me a long time to start to get motivated again. The best advise I can give you is get as much support as u can. It really makes all the difference

8/30/10 2:24 P

to JETUCKER13: I'm sorry to hear about losing your job, but my husband had gone through the same thing last summer and instead of being defeated by it, he kept on exercising and he never gained any weight back. A few weeks of looking for a job and exercising, watching his portions, he was fortunate that he started working again three weeks later. Good luck, just keep trudging along. emoticon

CHRYSTALM0214 Posts: 499
8/26/10 9:42 P

lol - I am wondering the same thing. I ordered my dress 2 sizes smaller than what I needed. We just have to keep pushing forward!

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8/26/10 6:02 P

Did you take any pictures of yourself in the dress? Let the dress motivate you. Think how amazing you'll look when you're wearing it.

Join some challenges that motivate you; I find I am more motivated if I have deadlines and changing challenges. Check your Spark teams or join new ones.

I don't know if sending the dress back and exchanging it for a larger is possible, but it might be something to look into doing.

JETUCKER13 Posts: 5
8/25/10 6:02 P

I ordered my dress a couple of months ago. At that point I had already lost 10 lbs and figured that I would continue to loose the weight as time went by. Since then I lost my job and my motivation and have not only put back on that 10 lbs but 10 more. My dress should be here any time now and I am worried. I was between dress sizes when I got measured and ordered the smaller of the 2 sizes thinking that I was still loosing the lbs. Now I am 20 lbs heavier and even my clothes aren't fitting like they used to. It is really getting me down thinking that I am not going to fit into my dress. I know that I have time to loose the weight but I can't seem to get motivated. What do I do?

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