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7/25/13 5:47 P

I agree with Jibbie, YOU have to be the reason for losing weight. No, you don't want to look like Mom. (Who does?) See the person in your head that you want to be. When you're at that moment where you know you need to workout but the couch looks terribly tempting, SEE the person you want to become. See the hips/thighs/abs you want, then just get up and move....start with 5 minutes, then go 5 minutes more. I don't use the weight ticker across the bottom of my blog, I use the fitness minutes because I LOVE seeing my little person kicking across all month long. My absolute favorite thing is to come and log some minutes to see how much it's moved each day. Maybe that would help you? But make YOU your priority! You're worth it!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,489
7/25/13 12:27 A

Number one reason you want to lose weight is so you can be PROUD of yourself, and not have to have people think you don't get off the sofa. emoticon

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7/23/13 12:33 P

I started out strong, & I had motivation: my husband. Now we are doing so much better & my motivation is slipping. My wobbly marriage gave me a great excuse for time to obsess over our issues while I sweated away the calories. I could take my frustration out in my exercises, but now we've finally talked out our problems & resolved a lot of them & it's no longer working to get me off the couch. I need to refocus on all of the other reasons I wanted to loose weight: smaller clothes=more closet space to fill emoticon , less impact on my joints, being able to get on my overly tall horse without a boost, looking less like my mother, being healthier, more self-esteem, etc. etc.

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