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5/23/14 11:56 A

I believe that 1500 cals is a healthy amount of food, if you choose your food wisely, you can definitely be full on that and get enough nutrients.

I find that I usually eat less than the recommended amount, but then I'll have a day that I will be at the higher end of my range

5/23/14 11:26 A

The high end of my range is 1600 cals but the low end is 1200. 1200 for me is simply too low and I do lose on 1600 - it's sticking under that number that's hard!

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5/23/14 11:01 A

It really depends on your body. It seems like you should be able to lose one pound, but it is so hard to really gauge.

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5/22/14 3:07 P

Everyone's body will respond differently, but I had no problem losing with little exercise and eating at the top end of your range. I started out at around the 2 lbs per week losses, which gradually slowed down over time - I think it ended up averaging out at just over 1 lb per week. I had a couple of months where I ate slightly under 1500 calories, but otherwise I was always over that.

Now, I apparently have a relatively high metabolism and have to actually eat right at the top or slightly above my "maintenance" range to not keep losing, so you will have different results if your metabolism isn't as high, or if you have other factors at play (such as thyroid issues, PCOS, diabetes, etc.)

If you choose your foods wisely, then you should have few issues with feeling "starving" while eating less calories, although it might take a little while for your body to get used to it if you have been eating significantly higher than that. I found that it worked out better for me to gradually work my calories down (I was around 1800 for the first month, 1700 for the second month, and 1600 for the third month).

I would suggest that you give it a go for a month or two and see how your body responds, and then tweak from there.

Good luck!

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5/22/14 12:25 P

Yes. Just for your basic bodily needs, you probably need between 2000-2400 calories a day. If you ate at the top of your range, that would be at least 450 calories a day saved, times 7 is 3150 (3500 calories is one pound). Walking 3 days a week for 30 minutes should cover that 350 calories.

That's one pound lost. It might not be the two pounds you're looking for, but it's still a loss.

Two things: Walking is great exercise. Plenty of posters have lost significant weight "just" walking. That 30 minutes a day is cumulative, so even if you can only walk 10 minutes at a time, it adds up.

Weight loss is 80 percent nutrition. Once you start replacing the junk food with good food, those calories won't seem as restricting.

5/22/14 11:53 A

I put in that I want to lose 2 pounds a week. My range is 1200-1550. That is a big difference. Will I still lose the 2 pounds a week if I eat at the higher end of the range? I will not be doing a ton of exercise due to health problems. I will just be walking. But at 1200 calories I would be starving. But I think I could do 1500 calories.

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