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6/7/12 9:23 P

One more thing: When you're at a healthy weight but you're not satisfied with your looks, you often get more benefit from strength training than from restricting calories. Muscle is tight and fat is fluffy, so a pound of muscle is much smaller than a pound of fat. Building more muscle means that you will look slimmer and fit into smaller clothes at the same weight. Strength training also strengthens your bones and can increase your metabolism a tiny bit. You don't have to do it at the gym, either. SparkPeople has a whole treasury of strength training moves you can do with just your own body weight and small hand weights.

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6/7/12 8:57 P

I agree with everyone, try to eat the minimum amount of your calorie range even if you are having a hard time reaching it. You need to be healthy or like someone else said you will be tired, lethargic and cranky lol!!! Good luck, keep us posted!

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6/7/12 8:28 P

I am so glad I posted on here now and didn't just carry on the way I was! I am going to take a proper look at my diet tomorrw and eat alot more! I have had a quick read of the article you sent me and will read in in depth when I get up in the morning.

I have decided I am not going to track my weight with scales, I am just going to track it by the mirror, measuring tape and clothes.

Thanks so much for the encouragment it's just what I needed, I can go to bed now knowing tomorrow is a new day and I will get it right this time! Just had a quick look at your page and you look like you are doing amazingly!

Thanks for everyone's posts on here its great to know that there is help when I need it!

Right now I have to go to bed it's 1.30am here and my restless baby is sleeping next to me and they will be both up at 6. they have both already woken 5 times.


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6/7/12 8:10 P

No need to apologize... we were ALL newbies once, and you don't learn unless you ask and make mistakes! So don't apologize. We totally understand!

Carbs are not your enemy. In fact, you need them to survive! The hype of low carb diets has gotten people to where they think that carbs are the devil, and that's just plain untrue.

Here's an article that will help you understand the truth about carbs:

You WILL lose that weight. Focus on the big picture. Instead of chaining your success to the scale, aim for non-scale victories. Losing a pant size was WAY more exciting for me than losing 10 lbs! Will it be hard? That depends on you. The effort you put into tracking, weighing, and measuring your food, the exercise you do, your genetics... it all adds up to different needs for each of us. You don't have a lot to lose, so it won't be as easy for you to lose those pounds as those of us who have a lot more to lose. But that's okay... it means you're starting off closer to the finish line than we are. ;)

Just remember to take care of yourself... right now, you need to focus on eating ENOUGH to support your body's needs... you're eating under 1,000 calories a day, and that's not healthy for anyone!

If you lead a healthy life, with cardio, strength training, and healthy eating, you will start looking and feeling better. Don't worry, you'll get there, and we're here to help!

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6/7/12 7:59 P

Sorry guys you will have to bear with me I'm just a newbie, I didn't realise I could edit my post.
I have gone back and edited my information, hopefully it is correct now my cal intake has gone up to 1210-1550. I will increase my intake and go from there and try not to be so freaked out about eating too many carbs! I was worried that If i am eating too many carbs and not burning them off then I won't loose anything.

Will it be hard for me to loose this weight? that is pretty discouraging to start with but I'm not enjoying looking in the mirror and I need to do something.

I am going to book a session to get my fat accurately calculated.

Thanks for the help, It's much needed I'm not the best at this kind of thing! :)

6/7/12 7:40 P

Us "oldies" know all about the "learning curve" needed here at SP. And we are ready to help whenever.

Your ticker doesn't just change on its own, you would have to do this yourself.

To edit a post that you have given in a thread. Go to your post and look for the EDIT button. Click the you can retype and make corrections and clarification.


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6/7/12 7:39 P

I looked at your tracker.

My biggest suggestion is to change your snacks!

yogurt is great but three servings really makes your carb ranges higher. I am not saying you need to go low carb.

Look for snacks that are higher in protein and fat.

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6/7/12 7:33 P

"I started a new thread because I didn't think I encorperated enough information into the last message and think I labled it incorrectly for anyone else to comment. That was my first post on Sparkpeople so it wasn't my best! When I look at my ticker it does say 133, I have noticed that it keeps changing by itself on differnt pages I think there is something wrong with it. When I labled it will I die it was a joke I obviously know I'm not going to die it was reffering to me being ill."

You can edit threads at any time to include more information, should it be necessary.

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6/7/12 7:30 P

I started a new thread because I didn't think I encorperated enough information into the last message and think I labled it incorrectly for anyone else to comment. That was my first post on Sparkpeople so it wasn't my best! When I look at my ticker it does say 133, I have noticed that it keeps changing by itself on differnt pages I think there is something wrong with it. When I labled it will I die it was a joke I obviously know I'm not going to die it was reffering to me being ill.

I know that this is a heathy weight but it is not what I use to be and I have all these fatty parts on my body which shouldn't be there. On previous diets I have always watched the scales and when nothing was happening I got discouraged and gave up. So do you think I would be better off going by measurements?

No I have never had that tested, do you think this is something I should do? I feel like I'm totally going about this the wrong way. I have read alot on weight loss but alot of things seem to contradict eachother and I am pretty clueless!

I don't think I'm majorly active I just run about after the girls and get time to do around 30 minutes of work out 5 days a week. I wouldn't want to sabotage my weight loss, should I go over my daily carbs for the day to get to my goal calories?

6/7/12 7:28 P

Please check the information on your question, provided in your other thread on this topic.

SP Dietitian Becky

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6/7/12 7:26 P

To start, you're trying to lose too much, too fast. You're not even close to being overweight, so you can't lose 14 pounds in 3 months. When you're already at a healthy weight, it's more reasonable to expect to lose a quarter to half a pound per week on average. (Remember that "on average" means that there will be many times when you do everything right but don't lose anything measurable.) It's questionable whether you can lose that much weight at all, because you might not have a stone of excess fat. You've had children, and that means that you have more blood and bigger organs than you did before pregnancy. There are tests your doctor can do to determine how much of your weight is fat and how much is muscle, bone, organs, and other tissue you can't lose. It's good to find that out, so you're not banging your head against a wall trying to lose fat that doesn't exist.

In the meantime, go back into your information and change your goal date to sometime next spring. It will probably raise your calorie totals a little, which will give you some room to work.

As for whether eating so few calories will hurt you.... Yes. It will. Eating too few calories means you're not getting the nutrients you need. Glancing at your tracker, it appears that you're extremely low on calcium, for example. Check your daily calcium total, and if it is indeed low, add a food that's high in calcium. Skim milk is a good one; it will give you some carbs but also quite a bit of protein. (It can take the form of a cappuccino or cafe latte or a custard if you don't like to drink plain milk.) Some vegetables are high in protein and calcium, such as spinach, beet greens, and broccoli, so eating more of those (as you know you're supposed to) will help. It looks like you're actually pescatarian rather than vegetarian, so eat two servings of tuna instead of one. That will increase your calories with almost zero carbs. If you can stand sardines, they're extremely high in calcium and very low in carbs, too. Here in the US they're also very inexpensive, and I would guess that's even more true in the UK because you're closer to the source.

Also, double-check the nutrition info on the foods you've recorded. Your Quorn chick'n fillets, your boiled potatoes, and your tuna product all show zero for protein, for example, but all of those foods definitely have protein.

Finally, double-check your starting weight. Your ticker shows you at almost 300 pounds. It looks as if you entered 130-some for your weight in pounds, but because your address is in the UK, the computer thinks you mean kilos. In the place where you enter your address, e-mail, etc, there's a little check box that says "use metric system." If you entered your weight in pounds, be sure to un-check that box.

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6/7/12 7:13 P

No, you won't die from it, but I think you may find a lack of energy.

You really want to try to eat at least 1200 calories, and you may find eating under that (or even at that) may stall your weight loss.

As a vegetarian, it is very important to make sure you are getting adequate minerals and vitamins from your foods.

I suggest adding peanut butter to your diet - or another nut butter of your choice.

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6/7/12 7:09 P

Err... any reason for starting a new thread? You're not going to die from eating 1200 calories a day! I'll repost what I said in your other thread.

Okay, if you're 9.5 stone, am I correct in assuming that translates to 133 lbs? At that weight, you're already a healthy weight for your size, and I think you have your ticker set up incorrectly. It days you're 296 pounds!

Dropping 2 lbs per week is likely going to be very, very difficult for you. You can reasonably attempt to lose about 1% of your body weight per week... so at the very most, you can try for 1.3 pounds. Although since you're already in a healthy weight range for your body, that may be difficult.

Have you had your body fat percentage tested? That may be more helpful for you at this point. The weight on the scale is less important for you once you're in a healthy body weight than composition.

IF you're active, 1200 calories may not be enough to support your exercise. You need to be sure to eat enough to support your activity... because working out too much while eating too little can actually sabotage your weight loss efforts by slowing your metabolism.

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6/7/12 7:07 P

Are you getting enough protein and fats? Carbs make up 50% of your calories but 30% in fat and 20% protein also necessary. I always have trouble making my fat percentages daily so I try adding olive oil to one of my meals. I think your cold could be symptom of not eating enough as your body needs energy to fight off illness and keep up your immune system. Not eating enough or enough of the right stuff can greatly impact your immune system. I am a firm believer in this and know it to be true in my life. When I don't take care of my body, I get sick plain and simple.

Oh and 900 calories is NOT enough no one should go under 1200 calories per day esp. if your exercising.

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6/7/12 6:45 P

I am a 22 yr old woman Vegetarian I'm 5 ft 3, My current weight is 9.5st, goal is 8.5st in 3 months. My tracker is telling me I will be losing between 1-2 pounds a week. I am doing excercise around 5 times a week aerobics dvds warm up, high intensity 20 minutes and low intensity 10 minutes then a cool down. a bit of strength training after each workout. I also have two girls under 2 who I have all day every day so im running about after them a bit too.

My tracker is telling me to eat between 1200-1500 cal per day (been trying to stick to 1200)which is fine but Im finding it hard to go over 900 calories per day balanced against my carbs. If i want to up my calories it will go over my carbs. I have been doing this for 9 days and I am now ill with a cold not sure if it is due to what I am doing or if this is just a cold.

Has anyone got any advice on better eating or if I am doing things really wrong?

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