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8/17/13 10:11 A

I think one of the things that sticks most in my mind, and keeps me eating within my range and trying to balance out the carbs, fat, protein etc -- is that while yes indeed you will lose weight when you restrict calories.... it's not all just FAT that you lose. Your body requires a certain amount of calories and nutrition each day just to function. If you don't give it what it needs, it will "cannibalize" itself, taking from your muscles and bones and organs all the things it needs it order to function. That's one of the reasons why people on very low calorie diets need to be closely monitored by medical professionals. So while the scale might register a loss if you eat under your recommended calories on a consistent basis, it's not necessarily fat that you're losing. And what I really wanted to do was lose the fat and get fit. Not reach a certain number on the scale but be weak and sickly.

I agree with Russel-- find a dietician who's a good fit for you, and give it an honest try. I'd have a hard time dealing with someone who wasn't optimistic and encouraging in their approach. At the same time, I'd need to be open minded and willing to really give it all a go.

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8/17/13 9:46 A

Thank you Russell, you had the information i was looking for EXACTLY. I had Gestational diabetes and my daughter is now 5 months old and it didnt develop into diabetes but I had a nutritionist throughout my pregnancy and was on a VERY strict diet. I learned alot during that time but i felt so deprived from any type of sugar that i binged after giving birth that i really binged on the sweets and gained a little more than 20 pounds in the last 5 months. The nutritionist i had during the pregnancy was so kind and helpful i just assumed that most dieticians were and was upset when i went to someone who didnt seem helpful and looked at me like because im fat i cant do it, i can do it i know i can- because ive done it before but i wanted a way to incorporate sugar into my life without over indulging. so far im doing great ive lost 4 lbs in the past week and ive found foods that i like and i can incorporate so that i can meet my calories. I have gone over twice now in the past week but not by much and when i do i chose better foods, like i had 1 hotdog which pushed me over in fat but i didnt eat it with bread and i also had a frozen yogurt last weekend lol. I could have chosen worse foods, i think. i always mark my foods, im surprisingly strict with it. I just dont exercise as much as i know i can. part of that is due to a congenital heart problem i have where i sometimes feel like im going to pass out (which is to be expected and part of the reason for me wanting to lose weight) and the other part is that i have 2 small children who keep me on my toes most of the day when im not cleaning, cooking or going to school. Im not a complete couch potato but i was curious about the starvation thing and you hit the nail on the head, so thank you for the information i really, really appreciate it.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/15/13 3:21 P

For the smaller people too.

Get yourself a new dietitian, but besides her snarky comments, and lack of faith in you, the advice may be the same, and you should give it a try, if what you are doing is not working. I would guess that is why you went to a dietitian in the first place, so whatever the advice you get at the new dietitian's, at least give it a try.

As far as losing weight on a caloric deficit, it will continue. You lose weight if you don't eat enough. I read a book about conscientious objectors in WW2, who volunteered to undergo starvation, as a means to learn better how to feed them properly to get them back to good health. This was a worry as half of Europe was starving due to the war.

These volunteers lost weight steadily, and a slow metabolism did not stop them from losing. I myself have lost over 100 lbs in a summer by starving myself, and the idea that low calories will slow down your metabolism enough to stop weight loss is a complete myth. People use it to justify why they aren't losing, because they can't figure out why they aren't losing. Usually it is a medical reason, or they are not counting calorie intake, or expenditure correctly, or even just forgetting something they ate.

Where this lower metabolism comes in, is that when you START eating again at regular levels, you regain faster. If 1800 was your base before starvation, and it is now 1600 due to reduced metabolism, you can eat 2100 a day, and gain 1/2 a lb a week on 200 less calories than you were eating beforehand.

Starvation mode is the body's defense against starvation. It primes you to gain the weight back more quickly. However, it doesn't happen during starvation. It may slow down your weight loss some, but it won't lower your metabolism to 500 calories a day. At that rate, you will lose weight consistently.

This is not a suggestion that you do so, just had to respond to your question. Of course you will lose weight if you eat less calories. People don't get fat from eating too little, and lose weight by upping calories. They do the opposite. People have grasped onto ideas, and sadly are so confused that they think bananas or eggs are unhealthy, and if they ate more, they would be skinnier/healthier.

I am 211 lbs and eat about 2100 calories, so even 1400 calories is probably too low for you, but that is for you to work out with your dietitian, and doctor. I would be willing to wager that people who say they eat 1200 calories a day, eat a lot more, and just don't count it.

Get the new dietitian, set a range for eating the proper calories/nutrition, and give it a try, see what happens. Don't cheat, and you will most likely see results, then all you need to do is repeat. If in between visits, you find you don't like certain foods, or how they make you feel, tell your dietitian. Never " just do it ", so you can lose weight. In theory, you will be eating this way for life, so make sure all the food you are eating is food you like. Of course, you will have to give the foods a fair shake, and some that you don't love today, may be a favorite in a month, but your dietitian can only help you if you work with them. If you cheat, count it, if you have a problem, tell them. The better the information, the more your dietitian can help you.

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8/15/13 1:55 P

For most of us bigger folks, any comments about our weight hurt and hit close to home. Even when we are asking for help ourselves. Is it possible that you were starting to feel a bit defensive and thus heard what she was saying as "snarky"?

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
8/15/13 1:54 P

Don't go back to her if you feel she didn't respect or believe in your goals. Find someone else.

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8/15/13 12:36 P

Thanks for your replies! youre right, I shouldnt have judged her by her by her weight. But I dont believe my ability should be judged bt mine either, and it wasnt until she started making snarky comments that I did. But thanks again for your input I really appreciate it emoticon

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8/15/13 12:32 P

Eating below 1200 calories a day will eventually wreck your metabolism and you will not lose an ounce.

And just because someone is "bigger" than you, doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's talking about. She may have a medical issue that causes her to be higher in weight, and she is probably working on that. I am a bigger girl and I teach zumba. I kick my students butts and take names. Don't judge people on their size.

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8/15/13 12:22 P

If you're burning more than you consume, you will lose weight. Simple as that. So depending on your BMR and activity level, 1400 calories/day is probably perfectly fine. If you're really big or really active, you might need more.

Under-eating by a significant amount can cause metabolic damage, in the long run. It's usually better not to under-eat (just like it's usually better not to over-eat). A few days here and there (either over or under) will not make you or break you, though. Getting a little too many or too few grams of a particular nutrient will generally not be a problem, unless you are getting *way* too many or too few. The ranges are a guideline, and there is some wiggle room within them.

I find it a little disconcerting that you would denigrate a professional's knowledge because of her weight, as if no fat people know about nutrition. Quite frankly, her lack of confidence in you could be due to her negativity...but it could also be due to yours. Personalities don't always mesh and if you feel that another dietitian may be a better fit, that's fine. But is it possible that she gave off a sense of ill confidence because of how you presented your dietary behaviors, or because she could tell that you were judging her for her weight? Yes, it would have been more professional for her to give off an aura of full confidence, whether she felt it or not. But if I could tell the person sitting in front of me was assuming I couldn't do my job because I was fat, even though there are a million possible reasons for it other than my own lack of knowledge, I might feel a little unconfident too.

You can lose weight if you work at it. You can stick to a nutrition plan if you try. Prove her wrong. But there's no need to fat-shame her while you do it.

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8/15/13 12:12 P

My dietician put me on a 1400 ada diet. I wont be going back to her nwcause 1. She was bigger than me 2 she had no confidence I would stick to rhe diet and/or lose weight. But im not hungry, like-not starving. Which SHOULD be good. And im not eating all of my caloroes, carba every day, will I still lose weight if im under on my goals? And can I go over on my protien and still lose weight too?

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