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COVLOLLY SparkPoints: (4,751)
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Posts: 218
11/30/11 2:03 P

I love Zumba, but also do Jillian Michaels and the Just Dance games.

HIP-MOM Posts: 1,744
11/30/11 12:25 P

@HEATHXO thanks for your suggestion! I'm not much of a dancer, so checking it out on you tube is a great idea before I buy it. sounds like a lot of fun from what everyone is saying.

PJCHICK730 Posts: 62
11/30/11 12:08 P

I love Just Dance 2. It's definitely a work out and trying to beat your own score motivates you to keep doing it.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,970
11/30/11 11:21 A

I like the Just Dance games for cardio. I'm hoping to buy Just Dance 3 soon!

The Wii Fit Plus is great as an interactive scale. If you are really out of shape, it's a good workout too. But if you're in shape it probably won't be challenging enough for you.

TWILAT Posts: 215
11/30/11 8:16 A

I have the Wii fit plus, Zumba, and just got Dance 3. Love them all.

INFRANCE SparkPoints: (0)
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11/30/11 7:42 A

I was totally addicted to the rhythm boxing. When it got a little easier I added strap-on arm and leg weights and I still love it!

JULIANNE1963 SparkPoints: (6,118)
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11/29/11 10:56 A

I Like the Just Dance Games I also have Sumer Dance party and Zumba!!! Love them oh and the country dance is good!

NETTALYN73 Posts: 117
11/29/11 9:44 A

I like the Fit Plus - we make it a family affair/competition. The Hula Hoop game will definitely give you a work out if you can do it.

HEATHXO SparkPoints: (0)
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11/29/11 8:40 A

i would strongly advise the JUST DANCE games. theres 3 different ones and they are amazing! even if your not much into dancing (like myself) i found it to be extrememly fun. the first JUST DANCE came out over a year ago and im still not tired of it :) its a great workout... and really makes you sweat and keeps you moving the whole time and i recommend it 100%!!!!!!!!!!! it makes exercise FUN. when im playing it, im having too much fun to think of it as 'exercise' cause when some people hear that word, they cringe. alot of people think exercise is boring, painful, but not with this game :) if your not sure you wanna buy it, try looking the dances up on youtube and put it to full screen, play the song, move your computer chair out of the way and make sure you have enough room to test the game out and try and dance to it straight from your computer screen emoticon

HIP-MOM Posts: 1,744
11/28/11 9:18 P

We purchased the Wii Fit Plus with balance board and I love the yoga and strength training sections. They are not animated "games" at all. There's a group for wii fit sparkers which I think coach nancy posted a link for

11/28/11 8:43 P

I weigh on my Wii fit daily but I don't really like any of the games for it. I have the wii fit game that came w/ it. Gold's Gym and Jullian Michaels. My kids used to play it a good bit. Then I noticed they figured out how to cheat by just shaking the controler and sitting on the couch instead of actually exercising.

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11/28/11 7:18 P


You may want to post this on the Wii SparkTeams we have here on the site (I linked a few below) may get a better response there.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

MCKENZIE753 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/28/11 7:01 P

Hey I just bought a Wii the day after Thanksgiving and I was wondering which are the best excercise and workout games that anyone has found?!?

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