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3/4/12 2:57 P

It is definitely worth the price. I love how when you accomplish levels you get different types of fun exercises life skateboarding. What a blast!

3/4/12 2:52 P

The Wii Fit is defintely worth it. It's fun and it gets you moving when you may otherwise be sitting in the couch!

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3/3/12 11:18 P

Don't know about games for the Wii since it's one of the few game systems I don't have ... But any game that you enjoy is fine for exercise, doesn't have to be an obviously "active" game. I like puzzle games myself and occasionally platformers of the classic Super Mario Brothers type. Just google for

nintendo wii games review

and you should find lots of reviews on gaming sites. If you know the kind of game you want (e.g., puzzle, rpg, platformer, etc.), you can plug that in along with the words above. Amazon has some comments also and is a source of used games, although there are other sites as well. The review sites will give you screenshots and maybe even videos so you can decide if you might like the game. Also check YouTube, people sometimes put videos on demonstrating a game. If you have a phone that plays games, just plug in the name of the phone instead of wii and you will also find loads of info. The AppAdvice site is good for reviews of iPhone apps and games. YouTube is also a good source of exercise ideas, by the way, since people upload many exercise type videos.

You can walk in place or use a stepper or a bicycle etc. while playing just about any game on any system, portable or console. You just need to be able to do things with at least one hand free to use the controller. I get a lot of walk in place exercise playing games on an old GameBoy, Nintendo DS, and iPhone. In the past, I did the same with Sega Genesis, Game Gear, old 8 bit Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. I had the consoles set up right next to any exercise equipment. Now I also read a lot on my iPhone while walking in place, the side step works best for me while reading. You can see the different steps if you go to Leslie Sansone's web site and check out the demo videos she has for walking in place (walk at home is one name for her stuff, I think). You can actually do a full 15 minute routine from the demo, but you also can just look at the moves to get an idea for what to do. When I looked at the demo, I saw that I had "invented" most of the moves myself since I have very little space, but she gave me a few new ideas. I even splurged on a 99 cent download with one of her audio workouts after seeing the demo... But that would be for later, now you can certainly walk in place periodically to get yourself moving, with no big stress. I do it while talking on the phone, also.

Usually I would actually be reading and typing this reply while walking in place, on my iPhone... But I'm kind of bouncing in place while typing on my upper desk, since I set up extra keyboards up higher so I could stand up while typing when desired (works especially nicely for proofreading, which I do a lot in my work), as well as while reading things on the web standing up. Came in handy the past couple of weeks when I had a really bad cold and couldn't really breathe sitting down .... :) So anyway - it's easy to get lots of low-stress exercise incorporated into your day, games or not. You could walk the baby indoors! Or dance around together ... I almost renamed a kitten "Barbell" because I had to pick her up so much to keep her out of trouble (still do, she's a heavier weight now). A baby human should provide a great workout, I've even seen exercise routines incorporating one!

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3/3/12 10:29 P

Nancy- I should probably rephrase it, my monster is 4 almost 5 weeks now... so I'm expecting to be cleared by my dr within another week or so. She told me right after I had him that I'd be ok to "ease back into exercising" within a couple weeks as long as the whole postpartum bleeding fun was over. I'm just eager to start being able to move again, I'm getting sore and feeling like I'm 90 just because I haven't moved much in the last few weeks. I went from constantly moving around to not at all so my joints are locking up.... that and I'm getting stir crazy like mad........

And I don't have the board yet, that's what I can buy for 40 dollars from gamestop, I'm just wondering if it's worth it. I could go by way of the kinect but that's still pretty pricey... and my wii has been collecting dust since we bought it, nothing was really all that fun and the balance board was crazy expensive still.

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3/3/12 8:34 P

Wii fit is fun so is Wii Fit Plus. Either game can be purchased for under $20 just get it used. I like it because it's a good starting point. Do u have the Wii Fit board? You will need it for Wii Fit Plus. Wii Active is good too. I really like Just Dance and you can really get a great work out with it. Hope I helped.

3/3/12 7:55 P

I have a wii fit and love it.

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3/3/12 7:48 P


I cannot speak on the value of the Wiifit, but I do want to advise you that you should hold off doing any exercise until you have been cleared by your physician that you are good to go and what type of exercises, he/she recommends.

CONGRATS on the new baby!

Coach Nancy

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3/3/12 6:57 P

I have a newborn so it's kinda hard to get out..especially with it being cold and snowy out, but I want to start exercising again. I have a wii that is just gathering dust and was wondering if anyone has the wii fit set up and if it's worth it to buy? If so any suggestions on games for it?

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