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Thanks for good words of advice! It is time for me to be specific! Thank you!

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You hit the nail on the head with this one for sure-Yes, I have struggled severely for many years with major depression. For some reason I wasn't allowing myself to feel better, I thought that I deserved to look ugly and be unhappy because of the mistakes I made in the past. Does that make any sense? I have been in extensive therapy and take good medications, so now I feel my life is going into the positive again! Like a dark fog is slowly being lifted!!!

I use to wake up every morning and exercise a whole hour with Denise Austin on the Lifetime Channel. Then on the weekends I would walk or run on the treadmill, or pop in a Denise Austin DVD (she is my hero if you can't tell). I was in the mindset of trying to please other people so much that I didn't realize a part of me was screaming inside. I never listened to what I needed, I only listened to what other people wanted me to be.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and reply to my thread!

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8/28/11 12:32 P

Thank you Platinum755!! Babysteps are what I'm needing right now, and I am seeking help through my Dr. and using this awesome website! I have suffered serious depression for a long, long time and for some reason these past four years got the best of me. Thanks for your suggestions!

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All of the advice and suggestions are excellent...Pick one and start there. Whichever you choose, start with babysteps instead of trying to jump back to the level you were at 4 years ago. Look into professional assistance where you need it in whatever area it may be to get your healthy lifestyle back on track.

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Sweetheart if I exercised 6-7 days a week and sometimes twice a day "NEWSFLASH" I would be flipping bored to and shy away from it getting sick to the teeth..

I had to ease into exercise efter my spinal injury settled down.. 3 times in the gym strength training and no more.. Walk daily, wear a pedometer and make a challenge against yourself- no one else- challenge yourself to work up to those 10,000 steps..

I body build, so am also not banging my muscles to a pulp doing the same routine 3 times a week.. I found a split on a workout site and rotate exercises to keep interest.. More is not better it is about quality.. Long haul regularly not gangho all the time..

I have been at it 8 years going on 9 soon.. exercising in a gym 6-7 days is plain boring.. I also have job so had to with time mould it into my week schedule. When changing my hours jump at the oppertunity to have free early on wednesdays..

You can do this, just don't go gang ho.. The magic happens on rest days.. So work hard the days your on for exercise and move more around in daily life..

You have been fit, like me -just need to not make it take up the total of your life and put yourself off it again.. Start slowly and work your way up..

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Have you been having issues with depression in the last four years ? Depression can cause a person to feel like their stuck in a rut with no energy to do anything other than stay in bed.
Depression is something you should talk to your doctor about if you haven't. There are medications that can help.

I agree with Zorbie. Start with 10 minutes. How about a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood ? Get out a calendar and write it down. Commit to that schedule. Once that schedule starts becoming routine, then you add another 5-10 minutes to that walk. Then you could check out the fitness section. Coach Nicole has a bunch of 10-15 minute workouts you can do at home.

You don't have to do a lot to start. Starting your exercise program can be as simple as taking a daily walk.

What were you doing when you were exercising regularly ? Were you taking classes at a gym ? Were you doing DVDs ? Whatever it is that you enjoyed doing, go back to those things. Try a new DVD. Take a class at the gym. Do something that's fun. Because when we enjoy doing something, we look forward to doing it each and every day.

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8/28/11 8:41 A

force yourself to commit to just 10 minutes.

set some goals that are more specific than, "I want to get fit."

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I use to exercise all the time, 6-7 days a week, an hour each time, sometimes twice a day. I felt invigorated and alive! The past four years I have been stuck in a rut of no exercise. I've grown lazy and very unmotivated to exercise at all. I am LUCKY to do 10 girl pushups a week. I just don't have any desire anymore to exercise, but I SO want to get back into a healthy weight and shape. What is wrong with me? I can see getting burned out on exercise, but I was never burned out, I just stopped doing it. I hit a very difficult patch in my life four years ago, does anyone think that has something to do with it? I don't think exercise burnout can last this long, or does it? Or am I just down right Lazy? Any suggestions would be grand!!!!

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