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12/1/11 7:14 P

i do not understand, why it just started, but i have now started to walk alot , but have no problem walking, its the stairs ..when my knees start to pop..

FLCRACKER6171 SparkPoints: (10,760)
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11/18/11 10:00 P

I've had 3 knee surgeries. I have no meniscus left, the cartilage is like swiss cheese and only have 1/2 an ACL left in each one. I have so much knee noise I don't even pay attention anymore. I squatted down to pick something off the floor at work and my knees make this noise like raking your nails across a rough emery board. A co-worker of mine was like, "OMG did you hear your knees??" I was like, ummm no. He said how could you NOT hear it. (LMAO!!!!) Unless they start hurting, like in winter, it's part of the "white noise" of life LOL.

BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (33,465)
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11/18/11 1:25 P

ty for the posts. i have no pain, its just embarrassing. emoticon

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
10/31/11 5:16 P

Both of my knees crack when I walk up or down stairs (but only then). I've had severe knee problems for more than 20 years so it's nothing new to me. If it hurts I would definitely seek medical attention. It could be something that you mention to your doctor at your next regular appointment, or sooner if you're worried about it.

BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (33,465)
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10/30/11 6:08 P

ty, for the info, i will not worry... emoticon

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10/29/11 10:16 P


As long as the cracking is not accompanied by pain or discomfort this is a very common scenario...the creaking or popping is called crepitus. If you should ever experience pain, you may want to get it checked out to rule out any medical reasons for the sound.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

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10/29/11 9:50 P

Would like to know the answer. I broke my knee cap when I was younger,and that same knee makes noise anytime I exercise. Never had problems with it. Just makes a popping noise.

AVROIEN SparkPoints: (26,252)
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10/29/11 9:24 P

I have had the problem, myself, at times. Good Luck.

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (67,623)
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10/29/11 8:59 P

Thanks I've been curious about that myself.

AVROIEN SparkPoints: (26,252)
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10/29/11 8:43 P

Knee Popping and the Vastus Medialis
The Vastus Medialis and its Role in Chronic Knee Pain and Popping or “Clicking”
Why does my knee pop?
Knee popping or clicking usually has a very simple explanation: your knee cap isn’t tracking properly in the joint. see article for more

How do I fix it?
The good news is that knee popping can be semi-permanently fixed in a week or two. See article for more.


BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (33,465)
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10/29/11 8:33 P

I just moved to a building and live on the 2nd fl; so sometimes i take the stairs, and my knee is cracking , it sounds un healthy...anyone know why ? emoticon

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