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I suspect you are confusing terms. the BMR basic metabolic rate, is the amount of energy your body consumes without adding any extra exercise.

what sparks is listing is the amount of cals you need for your weight and the activity you are doing.

when you set up your tracker, you told it how heavy you were, how much you want to lose, and by when. then it asked you how many minutes of exercise you were getting per week, and from there, calculates your needs.

you are getting 45 minutes every day, plus swimming, and I suspect cliff means you are a guy. It's possible the 2125 is correct. But recheck all you numbers you entered on your "goals""

3/2/11 7:42 P

Your BMR is not the amount of caloires to consume to lose weght. It is a starting amount when determining total calorie needs.

Your SP calorie range is the range for weight loss. What is your SP calorie range???

This SP article provides more on the equations used to determine your weight loss calorie range, here at SP.

hope it helps
Dietitian becky

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3/2/11 5:16 P


I've been overweight/Obese pretty much all my life, my weight would be up and down (175lb to 227lb) depending on my mood, but I've always been heavy set...I quite smoking 4 months ago and had a few issues which saw my weight go from 208lb to 225lb so am now focusing on getting rid of at least what went on...I have been working on the basis of 1200 to 1500 Kcals per day + exercise, I walked the dog for 45 several times a week anyway, so I have now changed that to every day and added in some swimming several times a week, over the last 3 weeks my weight went 227lb at the start, to 22lb, back to 225lb than 224lb...

I have come onto spark this week to track everything..and it says my BMR should be 2125 Kcal per day that seems a massive amount to consume and loose weight..can it be right?


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